Months To Years Fall 2018 Months To Years Fall 2018 - Page 44

An Unexpected Gift By Katherine Krige “Breslow thickness?” A tear slid down my face, as I put the phone down. Brad was 32 years old. How could a mole he’d had his whole The disembodied voice kept rhyming off abstract facts. life have turned so noxious? I gathered my child to me to smother the thoughts that ricocheted around my brain. “The doctor wants to see him to discuss the results,” she said. “We have an appointment on…” “No…” I breathed.  “Wait. What?” “No,” I begged. I couldn’t keep up with her monotone. She tripped over But the words had been said and no one was there to details read off the page in front of her; terms and details take them back. No one could prevent my brain from unfamiliar to either of us. I stopped listening at the one contemplating the worst-case scenarios my mind conjured word I knew all too well—malignant… up either.  Malignant meant cancer. Cancer was bad. From my “Remember Shirley?” my brain taunted. “How about experiences with it, cancer was usually lethal. But the voice Walter? Or your Dad? They all had cancer. None of them on the phone kept going, expecting me to keep up with survived…” the particulars she rattled off. It amounted to one fact—my husband was very sick. “No!” I wailed, as I pressed my face into Taryn’s startled body. As much as I willed the thoughts away, the reality A whisper of sound distracted me. Taryn’s blanket had would not be denied.  slipped to the floor. Her little legs kicked in the chair, as her arms waved randomly. Only nine weeks old. Too young to I was 31. Brad and I had just welcomed our first child into comprehend any of this. the world. Our first wedding anniversary was days away. 44