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‘Why would you ever say such a thing? You and Dad put all seven of us through college. You rented a castle in “Please,” she said. “Try not to look back. And try to forgive. Ireland. You’ve traveled from China to London. And you I know that’s hard but it’s the only way you’ll have peace. make the best chicken tetrazzini in the world.’ Peace is what we need. You don’t have to say or act out forgiveness. Just know that you do…” She laughed, nearly expelling the tube from her nose, while something cold whirled around me. Then I laughed, I leaned closer. We stayed like that, together, the cold rain too, remembering a night in Germany, when my parents dinging the patio stones. I went over her words that filled came to visit us during our stint in the Army, and she raged the room to bursting. I locked them in. I held her hand. and sang, up and down a dark street: ‘I am woman.’ As I recall, there was Steinhager involved. Dad called her the I think about the last time I danced with my mother, and female bull. Something came over her with the women’s my mother danced with me. lib movement. She never wanted to be Donna Reed, or that Cleaver woman. My mother struggled to sit up. “Well, I missed out. But you haven’t.” Her eyes were startling blue. “I’m not afraid anymore, and don’t you ever be. You’re right. I’ve had so much.” She rarely said I was right about anything. I took it. Her voice was strong. I thought of a candle, pooling and burning out in a final luminescent white glow. My mother waved me over. This time she was so sick, there was very little talk along the way, no light bantering down the stairs to hell. Suddenly here we were. In hell. She said: “How can I ever thank you? I want to tell you something. I know being the eldest makes you feel Nancy Nau Sullivan is a writer, teacher, and former responsibility very seriously. You’re different because you’re newspaper journalist. Her memoir, The Last Cadillac, you, and you’re the first born. You know how I go on… was published in 2016 and won an Eric Hoffer Award There are so many good things about that; you’re strong, in memoir. Her writing has appeared in magazines and independent, smart and a great achiever. That’s a lot of collections, including Gargoyle, The Atherton Review, good stuff. Besides, God made you beautiful. Isn’t that The Blotter, Akashic Books, skirt!magazine, Red Rock nice? And you’re blessed with good health….” Review, and Literally Stories.  In 2014, she taught English in the Peace Corps in Mexico—and, prior to service, at I didn’t move. She said: “Seems like you’re going through a the City Colleges of Chicago, in Argentina and at a boys’ giant rough spot now.” prison in Florida. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Marquette University and worked as a reporter and Right again. Find husband with another woman. Get editor at newspapers throughout the Midwest. She lives divorce. Be pissed off at the world. in Northwest Indiana. “Dancing with My Mother” was originally published in Adelaide in July 2018. 43