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Dancing with My Mother By Nancy Nau Sullivan My mother left me for three months with my Aunt Florida for six months, and I really can’t say I blame her. In Margaret when I was a newborn. She went to San fact, I thank her every day. First off, she was overwhelmed Francisco to meet my father who had survived World with all those babies. And second of all, I adored my War II and the torpedoes shooting at him throughout the grandmother and those days of endless, unconditional Pacific. They never had a real honeymoon, given that my love and pampering with no dripping, crying babies father called my mother one day in 1943 and said, “I’m around. I still flee to Florida every chance I get. coming home to Indiana and let’s get married.” Which they did, and he went back out to sea. My mother always said, I left you down there too long. I don’t regret that unremembered time with my Aunt After my seventh birthday in Florida, I went back home to Margaret. She was a lovely woman with a gap between Indiana, and the babies kept coming. Seven in number, her teeth, already in her 30s and unmarried. I never think finally. My siblings and I were always happy with the of her without imagining her laughing. I miss her to this announcement of another, but my mother not so much. day… She was pregnant nine times, but she miscarried. Seven it was, nine not meant to be. But I do carry around a certain amount of resentment that I never had time with my mother. Just the two of us. That One time, my sister and I found a strange calendar in our old bonding thing. mother’s bottom drawer. It was tucked under the Playboy magazines and Tampax, which we figured had something When she picked me up from Auntie’s after their rather to do with sex. Did she put these little white tubes in long honeymoon, she was pregnant again. her bosom--a word we looked up in the dictionary and And by the time I was six, she was expecting her fourth. snickered over. Boobs were the only evidence of anything having to do with sex that we could think of. The Tampax She left me again, this time with my grandmother in must go there…. We put the cardboard tubes with their 41