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completely its own doing. Astrologers would agree that a also was transformative. In a big way it challenged me child will not be born until the exact moment that the stars and opened my eyes to another dimension. Parenthood align for that exact soul. This explains all that cannot be continues to create love, sacrifice and learning. said in advance about the birthing process. Anything can happen; births just like deaths can surprise us. The dying I have stared in the face of birth and death’s ruthlessness. process can be longer or shorter. Again, completely out of Their power, their force and also their enchantment. I have one’s hands, sometimes even more unpredictable than a bemoaned the cruelty of the world’s expectation to resume birth. In fact, astrology also talks about the dying moment functionality after witnessing these events, and yet, I have and its importance. Hindu philosophy believes that a thanked the same expectation because it has taught me to person’s dying moment is predetermined even before he move on, to take charge, and to accept. It has made me is born. In spite of great medical advances, we have no thank the opportunity for mindfulness because one can choice but to respect this process almost in prostration. overlook both these events as common happenings of the world, but their lessons are unique to each situation and I was wrong when I thought that death was painful and person. birth was happy. I have seen the death of a close family member that was so natural and accepted that he made it feel like a happy experience. It was his great strength to look at his own passing with gratitude, acceptance and total closure. Such a death was light, real and surreal at the same time. Giving birth for me, on the other hand (even though a happy event) involved a lot of pain not just physically but also emotionally. And it was accompanied by a deep sense of loss. It made me think that both of these events cannot exist in absolute terms, because such major life events are never meant to be absolute. Where then would the lessons be? If the joy of birth was absolute, one could not bear it. For me personally, if I did not have answers through readings about the soul’s journey after death and from life to life, I would not be able to see beyond the apparent pain of death. Preeti Hay grew up in Mumbai, India. She has a Even though I’ve witnessed death only as an onlooker, I bachelor’s degree in mass media and journalism and a realized that birth can be experienced only as an onlooker, master’s degree in post-colonial English Literature. She even by the mother. She is also just going through the worked as a lifestyle journalist in India before moving to motions and witnessing life coming through her in awe. the United States. She has been published in The Times of India and other Indian publications. More recently, she The effects of birth and death in the short term knocked has written about yoga for Yoga International and Yogi me out. It was like being hit by a truck or worse. They both Times. She has also written about Indian-American issues seem to have a numbing effect, a paralyzing phase. But and literature for India Currents magazine. She studied in my experience, the long-term effects of both create true under Pat Schneider of Amherst Writers & Artists. She has transformation. I’ve felt that death has transformed me in enjoyed her journey of fiction writing, which is a long road ways I could not have imagined. It has opened me up in to getting finished, especially given that she spends most deep places, places I didn’t know existed within me and of her time chasing a toddler around the world! She lives changed me in ways I would have normally resisted. Birth in South Carolina with her husband and son. 40