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F ROM T HE E DITOR FALL 2018 Hello Fall 2018 readers! I am delighted to bring you our Writing is a way to honor those experiences for which we fourth issue of Months To Years with yet another rich batch no longer have tangible evidence and those people who of thoughtful and compelling reflections on life and death, are no longer on Earth with us. It is a way to affirm, yes, close calls, and drawn-out goodbyes. I write this letter this was real. from San Francisco just a day after the kickoff of Litquake 2018. It is also a way to recognize the close calls. The almost deaths – either in slow or fast motion. In recent weeks, two Litquake is a local literary festival that has grown news stories in San Francisco reminded me of close calls. exponentially over its last 20 years. It features numerous One involved the cracking of steel structural beams in the literary panels, speakers, and events over its approximate brand new Transbay Terminal, a transportation hub. This 10 days and culminates with a giant literary pub crawl in discovery caused an abrupt close during the afternoon San Francisco’s Mission District. It is one of my favorite commute of a project that had been a public works crown San Francisco events (and San Francisco has many jewel with a five-acre park atop the commuter hub. phenomenal events). It is very possible, though, that a catastrophic collapse was Attending Litquake and the LitCrawl remind why I love averted. We will never know. And while many will huff and writing and why I was inspired to create Months To Years. puff about the inconvenience and outrage of it, maybe During that 10-day-period, hundreds of writers read simply sighing relief at the events that never were, is our their work on wide ranging topics. Immigration, political most useful response. resistance, and transgender issues are among hot topics in particular this year. But all the writing has one common Similarly, around the same time, the National thread: it tells us of people in a given time and place. Transportation Safety Board announced it had concluded an unprecedented investigation into a near-miss aviation After someone we care about dies, I think it is common disaster at San Francisco International Airport in the to be haunted by the question of who will remember? summer of 2017. A plane came very close to mistakenly Who will remember that this person led this particular life landing on a taxiway where several planes waiting to take in this particular place and time and that these certain off. An accident was averted but it was such a serious near events happened? And writing is a means to remember, miss, the agency felt compelled to investigate what went to memorialize the person in his or her time and place. It wrong. is a way to tell the world this happened, this person was here, this happened to me. I love when old journals are The people on those planes in that almost crash likely discovered in the walls of a house under renovation or in a don’t know how close catastrophe came that day. We time capsule. don’t give it much thought unless it happens. But perhaps, again, a deep breath for what didn’t happen is worth our