Months To Years Fall 2018 Months To Years Fall 2018 - Page 38

$7.95 and thinking irritably it must be a profit center for the hospital, and the name ZINGER and the sharp tang on my tongue, the vibrancy I felt from that drink, the coolness, a reprieve from the glare of hot summer sun.  At home I sometimes try to replicate that ZINGER, unsuccessfully, even though I had written each ingredient down on a receipt. A semi-finalist in two “Discovery”/The Nation contests and a finalist in an Inkwell competition, Meg Lindsay’s poetry has been published in various journals including Tricycle, Pivot, Salamander, Alimentum, and Connecticut River Review. She received a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. She is also an established painter and has shown her work for decades in galleries and museums. Her chapbook about the process and emotions of painting, “A Painter’s Night Journal,” was published by Finishing Line Press in 2016. The subject of her writing dramatically changed direction after her husband, an athlete who was never ill before, collapsed with bone cancer/multiple myeloma in 2016. 38