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M ONTHS T O Y EARS FALL 2018 Less Than One Percent Martina Reaves 6 Betrayal Nancy Morgan 9 In the Land of the Sick and Suffering Connie Clark 14 Self-Reflecting Bonnie Neubauer 16 Life of the Party Bonnie Neubauer 17 The Importance of Losing Touch in the Social Media Era Monica Yancey 18 Death In the Digital Age Pam McAllister 21 Reverberations of Pulse Erin Rose Panzella 24 Mocking Birds Owen Wagg 26 Ruth Peggy Hendry 27 Grief Susan Miller 30 Aggressive Susan Scutti 31 The Fall Susan Bloch 32 Pierce Point, Pt. Reyes National Seashore Buff Whitman-Bradley 36 That First Stay in the Hospital Meg Lindsay 37 The Parallels Between Birth and Death Preeti Hay 39 Dancing With My Mother Nancy Nau Sullivan 41 An Unexpected Gift Katherine Krige 44 Closer Sally Weinraub 50 Help You Fae Kayarian 51 The Speed at Which We Would Usually Rush Danielle Speakman 52 The Birthdays Victoria Kaplan 55 Pale Green Mourning Maureen Teresa McCarthy 60 Widow Passing the Time Linda Ankrah-Dove 61 For Femi Elizabeth Olushola Adeolu 63 Through the Fire Michelle Mindlin 64 Portrayals Justin Maxon and Michael D. Fratkin 68 Cancer Notes of a Caregiver Spouse: