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Mocking Birds By Owen Wagg Watching the birds Here in my confined bed. Outside my hospice room In this empty shell In their full expression Am I─withering away. Enjoying freedom’s flight, Hoping, wishing They mock me here For better days Unable to ascertain now That will never come, Such a precious gift  Lying here in my dying. Of life’s freedom.     Lying age-bound Once I cast aside  This mortal shell, In my recumbent state, And take my first soul breath, I can only watch longingly I’ll be free again to fly. Their youthful vigor They’ll mock me no more That was once also mine, As I Mach past them Now draining away  In my newly-winged flight. Ever so slowly Owen Wagg lives in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada where he writes in his spare time and drives a loader at a local stone quarry, giving him plenty of time to contemplate life and death, and the way of things. Being 67, it is very evident to Owen that every day is a gift before the end of this sojourn, and not just a “someday it will happen” thought that occurred in his youth. He has four self-published books and has won a runner-up poetry award in the United States as well as four runner- up poetry awards in Canada. He doesn’t fear death, since like all of life, things continually change, and he will just change into something different at his mortal end. 26