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Reverberations of Pulse By Erin Rose Panzella Writer’s Note: “Reverberations of Pulse” is intended to shed light on the lasting impact that the 2016 mass shooting has had on the campus of the Orlando Health hospitals, located just three blocks from the Pulse nightclub. Orlando Health treated 44 patients and performed 28 surgeries on the night of the shooting.  Although every patient who reached the operating room survived, our community lost 49 lives.  A lesser known fact about the Orlando Health campus is that it includes an outdoor replica of the pavement labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France.  Walking the labyrinth path promotes self-reflection through releasing, receiving and returning.  This poem was conceived while walking the labyrinth and offers an individual perspective on a collective grief experience. The Labyrinth at Orlando Health This was once a sanctuary I could easily escape to And frequently did Whether it be after the heartbreaking death of a patient Or one of the bone-weary days spent at my grandfather’s bedside Before we took him home with hospice  Despite its perch above busy Orange Avenue the labyrinth was Always a quiet and secluded-feeling place  It never used to feel desolate though  The way it has for almost two years now  This is only my second visit since  Waking to the aftershocks  Of the tragedy that quaked  My city’s soul  The labyrinth now lies behind  Locked doors  With no direct entrance or exit  From within the walls of the hospital  Our only functioning doors are now  Manned with security officers and metal detectors  Once out those doors and onto Orange Avenue you can either  Climb the steep stairs to the labyrinth Or walk down a few blocks to the site  Of Pulse  I climbed the stairs to the labyrinth today  After entrusting my mother to the kind anesthesiologist  Who promised to take excellent care of her  This oasis of hope and healing  Was still exactly what my soul needed  But I can no longer reach it  Without sensing the reverberations of  Terror that forever shattered the  Congruency of this campus 24