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Life Of The Party By Bonnie Neubauer At the widow meetup Would enjoy We go around the circle Hearing about Many women share  Their shocked faces How they hardly remember And wide smiles Anything  No tears tonight From their first year  Just gratitude I decide  For the last 20 years   If that’s the case Where I got to enjoy  It would be just fine Being with you To talk about  The life of the party My recent trip to Delaware And how I bought I am pretty sure  A vibrator  That’s what I was At a discount store This evening To celebrate  That is My first New Year’s Eve  If you can call Alone A widow meetup  I grin  A party From ear-to-ear  I guess everyone’s gotta start somewhere All the way home  Imagining how you Bonnie Neubauer is the author of creative writing books including The Write-Brain Workbook (Writer’s Digest Books, 2005) and the creator of Story Spinner, a handheld creative writing prompt generator. She is also the widow of a man who always wanted to live off grid and under the radar. To keep his dream alive, none of her poems ever mentions his name; he is always referred to as you. Bonnie is a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant® specializing in innovative nondenominational funerals. She is also a Certified Grief Support Practitioner® who runs grief resilience workshops. When she’s not writing or grieving, Bonnie can be found playing, teaching, or designing board games. 17