Months To Years Fall 2018 Months To Years Fall 2018 - Page 15

 “People keep bringing food,” you say. “I can’t eat anything.” That is a grief unto itself. The blanket’s too hot, the sheet’s not warm enough.   So many times you have covered this a landscape without landmarks.  Ten years: You weren’t supposed to live this long.   Out the window we see a white-breasted nuthatch work the sugar maple’s gray bark.  Connie Clark is an Episcopal priest at a small church in Earlysville, Virginia. She writes nonfiction and poetry. She shifted to those genres after many years as a marketing communications professional. Her nonfiction has been published by The Baltimore Sun, The Christian Century, Challenge into Change 2018, and The Essay Daily. She wrote a weekly column for The Salt Lake Tribune’s Religion page in the mid-2000s. She co-authored (with Dr. Dale Matthews) a book, The Faith Factor: Proof of the Healing Power of Prayer (Viking Penguin, 1998). She is one of the few  birds that can go down a tree trunk head-first, steadily, without regard for gravity. 15