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In the Land of the Sick and Suffering By Connie Clark For Donna   I.      Interventional Radiology              When true simplicity is gained,             to bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed.             To turn, turn will be our delight               till by turning, turning we come round right. The waiting-place, just wider than a grave,   contains the pain in your hand I walk by the medical contraptions, where the needle sticks. I bypass the chapel, I walk,   then I wait Your son, just 20, knows   Your husband, full of love, for what passes for enlightenment. longs to escape.   too much and not enough.   We want to solve this puzzle for you. It appears there is no room left on the board. II. Lunch in the Hospital Cafeteria   You’d best eat lots of salad lest you wind up in a bed upstairs.   Eat that kale and stave off cancer! the tumors on your liver. Minerals, anti-oxidants,  With relish, the doctor promises Super foods can super save you! to zap with microwaves     amino acids, micronutrients, The game has come so far! eat 5 a day, paleo, fish oil, So many advances! eye of newt, and toe of frog.     I bring out the holy oil, but to keep us occupied put my hand on your head, as we wait for it.) pray: no complications,   You remind me: You bought a plot in the church cemetery. skill for the surgeon, less pain. Amen. Again.   As they wheel you down  the featureless hall,  (Any talisman will do not to fend off death   III. Home Again, After the Procedure   At least here, you can see the trees. In the hospital, the windows stop your men trot beside you.  mid-wall and on the third floor Why go so fast? (Med-Surg) they show you nothing. This is a contest of years.  I seek a window that’s a door opening   I stand outside the waiting area. Down the hall, a harpist plays. I know the words: 14 out and away from nausea, tremors, the fear of infection. I want you to walk away from all that.