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our family and his colleagues what I was told, that the I hated the doctor for his thoughtless manipulation.  It was cancer was everywhere, the prognosis poor.  What did he cowardly, denying Jay the truth that would help him pre- just do to Jay? To our family?  Do I tell Jay what the doctor pare for his future.  Did he not want to admit his failure to told me?  Will the others tell him?  Why did he lie?  Which remove all the cancer? Was his reputation more important was the lie?  Do I shatter Jay’s faith in his doctor, or do I than Jay’s dignity? collude with him in a cruel deception?  How long until Jay finds out and then what?  Will he vilify his doctor? Re- The answer came when I walked back into Jay’s room and nounce me for betraying his trust?  saw him glowing with happiness.  He believed he would live.  I could not take that from him.  And who knows? Jay has a will of iron. Maybe he will live. Nancy Morgan is Director Emeritus of the Arts and Humanities Program at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. As director, Nancy managed visiting artist programs for patients, family and medical caregivers, introducing the arts as tools for enhanced coping, self-expression, and communica- tion.  She became a member of Georgetown’s adjunct faculty in 2015. As Writing Clinician, she has led writing workshops for individuals and groups to manage the emotional impact of cancer.  She conducts research to assess the relationship between writing and emotional and physical well-being and is a principal investigator of the study, “Implementing an Expressive Writing Study in a Cancer Clinic,” published in The Oncologist (2008). 12