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“Hang in there,” I said.  “See you in the morning.” I held tight to my thoughts.  It was best to let the doctor tell him in his own words as if we learned the news together.  I Vivian greeted me with her warm smile and a big hug. I reported on the children’s school activities. They were in my nearly fell into her arms, letting the weight of exhaustion mother’s care. She was keeping their routine running as overtake me.  She listened as I reported the outcome, the smoothly as possible. painful ordeal of waiting, the doctor’s abrupt appear- ance and agonized pronouncement.  He, too, was young. The door swung open and in walked the doctor, surround- Perhaps this verdict for a man in his prime was a first for ed by solemn and silent residents. him.  Fighting for 12 hours to save a life had taken its toll.  He was defeated and could not conceal it.  Now he would “Jay, great to see you,” he said. “Mrs. Morgan, how are be the one to give Jay a prognosis that would set a new you today?”  course for all of our lives. I could not eat and lost con- sciousness quickly in her daughter’s darkened bedroom. He was radiant, fresh-faced, no hint of the emotional breakdown the night before.  I nodded. It was still dark when Vivian nudged my shoulder. “Time to get up.” she said. “I think you could use a walk “Well, good news, we got it all. You are cancer free….”  before facing this day.”  That was all I heard.  My ears started to ring and I felt my hands shake.  She swung my legs around, shoved my feet into her daughter’s My Little Pony tennis shoes, and guided me “I knew it!” Jay beamed, sitting up, shoulders squared.  His around the neighborhood like a lost sheep.  A few spoon- eyes shone as he looked over at me. fuls of Cheerios, and I was on my way, stopping to fill the gas tank. The two continued to review details of the recovery process while I glanced back and forth between their faces, trying “Hi’ya doll,” the attendant said with otherworldly cheerful- to comprehend what I just heard.  The doctor’s stay was ness. I managed a smile and headed for the hospital. brief.  He would check back that evening to see how Jay was coming along.  Again, an abrupt exit, residents in tow.  Jay was released from intensive care and moved to the I looked at Jay.  post-op recovery wing. His room was pleasant, like a hotel suite with minimal evidence of medical equipment.  His “I’ll be back in just a minute,” I said to Jay. head was propped up on pillows. His eyes followed me to the bedside.  I moved quickly out the door and down the hallway to catch up with the doctor.  “Doctor, you told me…”  He held “How are you feeling?” I asked. up his hand to keep me from finishing my sentence.  “I’ve been better,” he said. “Glad to have it behind me.”  “Your husband is a smart man,” he said. “He will figure it out soon enough.”  I searched his face for evidence of any knowledge of the outcome.  He appeared not to know.   Again, the abrupt turn and he was gone. “Has the doctor been by to see you?” I stood in the middle of the hallway, looking first after the doctor, then back at the door to Jay’s room.  What just “He is due to come by any time,” he said. happened?  Did I dream what he said last night?  I told 11