Monthly Bulletin March 2019 - Page 17

Volunteers are needed for the Committee and for solicitation training – Contact Mindy Abramson (through the office) to join the Development Committee.

The invites for the annual Bonim Builders event to be held in March will be sent out shortly.

Development will be looking to make specific asks of certain donors.

Budget Update. Alison Fried, the Habonim Treasurer, reviewed the synagogue’s actual financial performance as compared to budget for the six months from July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 (the first half of our fiscal year). Overall revenue was favorable, largely due to Nursery School revenues, although the Gala revenue fell somewhat below budget. Alison also pointed out some higher than anticipated expenses, including increased insurance and security costs. Despite the favorable year-to-date performance, we are on track to hit the full year budgeted loss of ($355K).

Alison also asked for volunteers to contact her (through the office) to assist in documenting what items Habonim has in storage in order to determine if things can be disposed of and storage facilities consolidated or closed (saving Habonim money). Habonim currently has 3 storage spaces in New Jersey.

Executive Director Search Committee Update. Co-Chair Amy Foster reported that the Committee has drafted a job listing and posted the job on the Habonim website and, and listed with NAASE/USCJ. To date, we have received 15 résumés. The Committee has developed a process for acknowledging and reviewing résumés and scheduling interviews, and will keep the Board informed of progress.

Security Update. Rich Verner explained that the ad hoc Security Task Force has not yet finalized a proposal and asked interested members to assist the group. In the meantime, the plan is to deploy the NYPD paid detail program, which involves posting a uniformed NYPD officer outside Habonim (there is a limit on how often we can call on them) for high profile events such as the Purim Carnival. Norbert Fruehauf volunteered to join the Task Force.

Israel Committee Update. Chair Howard Stoffer announced several upcoming events (all of which have been or will be on the Habonim website and weekly eblasts):

JNF Program (January 30th), on incorporating disabled individuals into the IDF, at Steven Wise Synagogue.

Howard Stoffer speaking (April 12th), at Habonim as part of our Adult Education programming.

Israel Day Parade (June 2nd), planning is underway to march with other synagogues to show our support for Israel and create an incredible feeling of togetherness for all!

Yom HaAtzma’ut celebrations (June 5th), will be at B’nai Jeshurun. Details to follow.

Nominating Committee Update. President Rich Verner announced that this year’s Nominating Committee will be chaired by Jeff Moelis and will have Tony Robins, Abigail Schlaff, and 2 non-Board members of the Congregation to be selected by the committee chair

(per Habonim's bylaws).

Marc Mehl