Monthly Bulletin March 2019 - Page 16



President: Richard Verner

Vice Presidents: Mindy Abramson, David Feuerstein, Abigail Schlaff

Secretary: Marc Mehl

Treasurer: Alison Fried


Beth Bornstein

Jonathan Chariton

Janet Cord

Deena Ecker

Amy Foster

Norbert Fruehauf

Nita Gottesman

Debra Karlstein

Michael Massen

Maya Levy-Merdinger

Jeffrey Moelis

Tony Robins

Howard Stoffer

Deborah Winokur

Elaine Witkoff

Honorary Members

Arthur Falkenstein, z"l

Herman Lichtenberg, z"l

Peter Mayer, z"l

Marga Walter, z"l


Real Estate Update. Real Estate Committee Chair Michael Harwayne reported that in mid-January, the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) sent a letter to Extell, the developer, threatening to revoke the permits which had been issued in July and reaffirmed in November. The Board discussed reaching out to our local politicians in a letter and/or a meeting, pointing out the positive impact of having our new home in the area and the negative impact of construction delays on the Habonim community.

Michael assured the Board that Real Estate Committee is doing all that it can to ensure that we move to our permanent home as quickly as possible. In addition, Michael agreed to keep the congregation informed of this and any further developments.

Rabbi Update. Rabbi Gelber recommended viewing The Stoler Report's Genetic Testing for Cancer: Ashkenazi Jews & Others at Risk, in which she is a Panelist. It is available on the Habonim website and YouTube. She also invited everyone to the World Wide Wrap at Habonim, on February 3rd.

Membership Update. Deena Ecker, Chair of the Membership Committee, reported that Habonim has welcomed 37 new family units since June, of which 14 are non-Nursery School. Overall, we are up 3-5 member units year over year. The Committee continues to send out new member welcome packages. In addition, the committee will be sending out a former member survey to members who have left over the past 2 years. The survey will be on paper with a return addressed stamped envelope.

Deena also reminded the Board that Habonim at Home is scheduled for February 8th.

Development Update. Development Committee Chair Mindy Abramson reported on their fundraising plans.