Monthly Bulletin March 2019 - Page 13

Bob & Vivien Newman

David & Stacey Nidus

Richard Verner & Jean Hellering

Jeffrey & Caryn Weinberg

Robert & Elaine Witkoff

Kiddush Fund

Dr. Sheila Gutter

Jay & Marjorie Hirshfield

Brian King & Susan Grant

Ellen Mendel

Bob & Vivien Newman

Howard Stoffer & Jane Rosenberg


Nominating Committee Seeks Board Recommendations

The Nominating Committee is seeking our community’s input for the slate of Board of Trustees and Officers that members will vote on at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 4. We would like to hear your suggestions of possible nominees with areas of expertise that should be represented on the Habonim Board. Please submit recommendations to Jeff Moelis at no later than Friday, March 29. We ask that you share recommendations only with the Committee.

With many thanks from the Nominating Committee:

Jeff Moelis (Chair), Tony Robins, Abigail Schlaff, Mindy Sickle, Meredith Thompson

Our Comfort and Condolences to

- Lauren Wittels (Jeff Edelman) on the loss of her father, Emanuel (Manny) Wittels, z"l


Religious School

Paul & Janet Cord

Elisa Milkes

Sharyn Ben Zvi & Kenneth Unger

Tree of Life

Robert Goldy & Roberta Greenberg

*Reflects donations made between

January 24 and February 25


Donations in Memory of Yahrzeit

Hannah Berger

Andrew & Luba Farber

Hilda Jaffe

John & Margot Keller

Brian King & Susan Grant

Jane Lobbenberg

Susan Memberg

Elisa Milkes

Ilyse Shechtel

Zeitlin Scholarship Fund

Hans & Barbara Wertheimer

Marc Demilt & Valerie Alter

Helen Dreyfuss

Alan & Wendy Halperin

Hilda Jaffe

Alan & Danielle Kaufman

Beth Lawrence

John & Deborah Meer

Marc & Jill Mehl

Jeffrey & Deborah Moelis

Nursery School Fundraiser Donation

David Feuerstein & Laurie Mendik

Richard & Amy Kargauer

Brian King & Susan Grant

Antony Konidaris & Rebecca Kasper

Lewis & Maxine Krulwich

Gwen Lewis & Alysa Turkowitz

Ellen Mendel

Matthew Merdinger & Maya Levy Merdinger

Russell & Jill Rivera

Robert & Abigail Schlaff

Nursery School Fundraiser Raffle

Jonathan & Meredith Bettencourt

Mike Buslovich & Tamar Rosenberg

Scott Floman & Jessica Levy

Jeffrey & Caitlin Gurwin

Adam & Amanda Lennon

Ellen Mendel

Jared & Lindsay Milgram

Jeffrey & Deborah Moelis

John Semel & Faith Salie

Nursery School Fundraiser Sponsorship

Renee Edelman

Robert & Elaine Witkoff