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I n the course of my day I handle any number of insurance issues from simple auto poli- cies to more complex life and homeowners policies. All come down to a basic concept, how to best protect my clients and their asserts. To do that I have to ask that most troubling ques- tion. What’s the worst that can happen?” When that question can be fully answered my job is to find the best possible insurance option for that client. When it comes to home insurance here in the Hamptons most people might think the worst thing that could happen would be a catastrophic property loss. A hurricane literally blowing your beloved home away. The cost to repair/replace could easily run in the millions and is certainly a situation to be well insured against. But personal liability can outrun that cost by a factor of 10 or even 100! Here’s some examples why. Suppose you’re having a summer party when one of your guests slips on a wet-spot by the pool, tumbles in and before anyone can help, drowns! You are responsible and even in the friendliest of situations the injured party can expect to be compensated for the loss of their beloved one with a settlement that could easily bankrupt the richest Hamptonite. Suppose you like exotic cars. Fast, furious, foreign or domestic models that can fly with the wind. And one day you and your business partner are motoring down Further Lane, the top down, pressing the performance curve of that iron steed. Out of nowhere, a deer runs across your path, you swerve to avoid it and run smack into an elm! The car is totaled, you are hurt and your part- ner is, well, no longer your partner. At least on this mortal soil. Again, all legal logic requires an accounting of that person’s worth with a pay- ment suitable to their age, earning capacity and familiar responsibilities. Of course in both these circumstances you are insured through your home-owners and auto policies. But for how much? Many home and auto policies offer minimum levels that a re economical in the short run but very danger- ous in the long term. In a worse case scenario the totality of your personal assets would be at risk. The answer to proper coverage is a personal umbrella policy, also known as an personal ex- cess liability policy. Available in increments of $1 million to $100 million they provide an important layer of personal protection over and above your existing primary policies. Sounds expensive? It’s not. In fact you can purchase tens of millions of dollars of umbrella coverage for far less than you may think, If you have been fortunate enough to create a personal wealth that needs protection neglect- ing to add an adequate umbrella policy could be a very serious mistake. Not just for you and your immediate family but for generations to come. And for that reason alone you owe it to your- self, your family, your partners and employees to make absolutely sure nothing will ever endanger REAL ESTATE: PERSONAL LIABILITY the assets and legacy you have crated. Our job is finding the right mix for you. We’ll review your policies and project their coverage’s against your net worth, number of homes, car and recreational vehicle mix, fam- ily components and arrive at a umbrella cover- age that is right for you. Drawing on products from the world’s best: AIG, ESURE, NatGen, Safeco and others we will design a comprehen- sive program that will ensure your family’s finan- cial safety no matter what unforeseen events may occur. East Hampton’s AMADEN-GAY AGENCY 631-324-0041 has been the area’s leading local insurance agency for four generations. Ben Dollinger is proud to be a part of that continued excellence. ■ N e w Yo r k S t a t e l i c e n s e d t i c k - c o n t r o l s p e c i a l i s t s offering alternatives to harsh pesticides. Protect your family against dangerous Ticks and Mosquitos. Did you know that approximately 70% of people who contract Lyme disease each year are bitten by ticks in their very own yard? Or that according to scientists at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, “Tick-borne infections have reached epidemic proportions on Long Island, where children are disproportionately affected by Lyme disease and other infections transmitted by the eight-legged creatures”? Who knows Kids for how many dangerous, disease-carrying ticks are hiding in tall grass in your yard? Especially this summer, when according to experts, the tick population is again expected to explode! That’s why, for more than 20 years, East End Tick and Mosquito and Pets Control has provided the most If you’re planning an effective, environmentally- outdoor party, don’t let mosquitos ruin it. responsible tick prevention Protect yourself, your program possible. So don’t family and your guests take a chance with your with a safe, effective family’s health, call today party spray that uses for a free estimate. no toxic chemicals! By Ben Dollinger 6 3 1 East Hampton 324-9700 voted best pest control hall of fame 6 6 3 3 1 1 Southampton 287-9700 proud support er voted best pest control 2017 JUNE 2018 | Montauk Life | 71