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REAL ESTATE: LEGAL A s you might guess from the photo, I’m a lo- cal. Yup, me and Cane are both born and raised here in Montauk. Where I might add, I am proud to hang my shingle in the prevailing winds. Winds locals like me know how to read. Winds le- gal as well as meteorological. Fact is, hiring a lawyer who can navigate the various and often mysterious legal hurdles of this particular area is not just handy, it’s essential. When you hire a local Attorney you are getting not only representation from an expert in local law you are also getting access to the Town offices and courthouse that your out-of-town Attorney simply cannot compete with. That makes dealing with local agencies like the Building Department, Natural Re- sources Department, or Architecture Review Board that much easier. Say you’d like a Building Permit. If you plan any alterations, additions, expansions to your home or commercial property you sure better apply for one. You begin by completing and submitting the Build- ing Department Application Instructions. Be sure to include two original surveys not less than two years old, a statement and valuation of the proposed work, and sets of plans and specifications. The more complex the project, the more the Building Department will ask of you. If a project doesn’t meet established setbacks, a Natural Re- sources Special Permit may be required. If you want By Chris Carillo to erect a sign, an application and hearing in front of the Architecture Review Board are on the horizon. If you want to get into the Surf Lodge, good luck - the list of real estate related complexities is longer than the line at that place. OK, so we dot all our “t’s” and cross our fingers and “i’s” and before you can say, “great job Chris” you have said Building Permit. It is good for one year and usually can be extended for another year. Once the project is complete, you will need a final inspec- tion to get that new or updated Certificate of Oc- cupancy “CO” you have to have to use the new digs. If it fails, do not pass “Go” do not occupy said structure, until I have untangled whatever deficien- cies remain. And trust me, I will stay on the case un- til every issue is solved and you have in your hand the proper CO. Beyond simply assuring your legal right to use the structure it makes selling the place so much easier. When that days comes I guarantee your realtor will give you a big hug and a kiss, maybe even a Gurneys Gift Card, because a valid CO makes everyone’s lives a lot easier. Of course there are any number of times a good local lawyer is invaluable. God forbid you’re injured, or injure someone else, have an unfortunate incident with the local police or a squabble with a neighbor, having someone like me in your corner can make the difference between an inconvenience and a life- altering experience. When you need a lawyer call Chris Carillo 631- 668-2079. One of the best legal minds on the East End you’ll find him in his new offices on Main Street Montauk, next to the new Montauk Coun- try Store. ■ Marshall & Sons Service Station IF COMPLETE YOU AUTO SERVICE THAN · MAINTENANCE OWN MORE REPAIRS TOWING · FLAT BED ONE HOME MOBIL GASOLINE AMADEN CONVENIENCE STORE HAS THE BBQ TANKS · HUMIDOR ANSWERS FINE CIGARS · BEACH RECOVERY BEN DOLLINGER RISK ADVISOR HOME & POOL AC · FUEL OIL· PLUMBING · TANKS · MAINT STO 24 HOUR EME Marshall & Sons Service Station & H Prado Brothers Plumbing COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE · REPAIRS · MAINTENANCE COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE HOME & PO Marshall & Sons Service Station www.marshallandso TOWING · FLAT BED · MOBIL GASOLINE 701 Montauk Highway · Montauk 631.668.9169 REPAIRS · MAINTENANCE Ben Dollinger has the expertise to understand your specifi c coverage needs, ensuring you’re not over or under protected. Amaden Gay has relationships with the most respected carriers and over 100 years of experience. PROTECTING YOUR WORLD. WHEREVER YOU ARE. LOCAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE 631.324.0041 | AMADENGAY.COM 70 | Montauk Life | JUNE 2018 AC · FUEL O COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE STORE · BBQ TANKS HOME & POOL HEATING CONVENIENCE · HUMIDOR TOWING · FLAT BED PLUMBIN REPAIRS · MAINTENANCE AC · FUEL FINE CIGARS · BEACH RECOVERY OIL· INSTALLS TOWING · FLAT PLUMBING · REPAIRS MOBIL GASOLINE TANKS · MA HOME & BED POOL HEATING · AC · FUEL OIL· INSTALLS MOBIL GASOLINE TANKS · MAINTENANCE CONVENIENCE STORE · REPAIRS TANKS · PLUMBING CONVENIENCE STORE STOPPAGES BBQ TANKS · MAINTENANCE HUMIDOR STOPPAGES 24 HOUR BBQ TANKS · HUMIDOR 24 HOUR EMERGENCY 24 · HOUR FINE CIGARS · BEACH SERVICE FINE CIGARS BEACH EMERGENCY SERVICE RECOVERY RECOVERY Prado Prado Brothers Brothers Plumbing Plumbing & Heating & 631.668.9169 701 Montauk Highway · Montauk 631.668.9169 www.marshalla 701 Montauk Highway · Montauk www.Mo