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The legendary New York City restaurant comes to East Hampton this year . Located overlooking Georgica Pond just 1 mile west of the village this edition mixes the always attentive quality to fine Italian food , gracious dining and superlative service with a more casual , relaxed atmosphere . A perfect choice for a leisurely , luxurious dinner , a must for that special evening out . Serving dinner daily , reservation are highly suggested . 108 Wainscott Stone Road - East Hampton 631-658-9122
The best pizza in the area is located on Montauk Highway between East Hampton and Bridgehampton . Open daily from 11AM-11PM with a full array of traditional Italian entrees , wine and beer , food to stay or go . Need to cater a holiday party or just feed the family ? Just call ahead and they ’ ll have a mountain of great food ready to go , go , go !! 2950 Montauk Highway - East Hampton 631-537-2626
When the name says burger , expect one of two things . A big , juicy , masterpiece of a meal or a fast something that ’ s better forgotten just as quickly . Count on the first here , a burger Mecca that ’ s shown a dozen or more ways to create the ultimate hand sandwich . Serving lunch and dinner daily the only thing better than a burger is their selection of down-home , home-made ice cream and deserts . Main Street - Sag Harbor 631-899-4646
Last year Sag Harbor welcomed a grand new place to eat brought to you by the same folks who have made Montauk ’ s Duryea ’ s and Arbor such successes ! Located on Main Street this beautifully constructed room is a warm , cozy , romantic spot to lounge while dining on cuisine inspired and provided by their wood-burning grill . Already a huge hit enjoy lunch and dinner daily with weekend brunch . Main Street - Sag Harbor 631-725-0900
When you crave something that ’ s as good for you as it is good to have , head to Amagansett . Located in the heart of Main Street it serves up food , juice and love with cold-pressed juices , smoothies , Acai bowls , warps and salads . Personally , I ’ ll take mine with a double helping of love ! Text you order to go and it will be waiting by the time you walk through the door . 207 Main Street - Amagansett 631-527-7717
Some say there are no second acts in America . I say , they ’ re wrong . And from the early response to the return of a perennially favorite East Hampton eatery I think most agree with me . From 1977 to 1998 the Quiet Clam was one of the most popular restaurants on the East End . Like the name more than implied , the focus was seafood , and the results were delicious . Home-made recipes that celebrated the abundance of the waters around us brought crowds year-round to this cozy spot . A family affair the hours took their toll so one day the doors closed and the sign came down . Others used the space but only one really belonged there . And baby , it ’ s back ! With many of the signature dishes that we all craved and a number of significant additions . Serving lunch and dinner daily you ’ ll find the old Manhattan and New England clam chowder folks drove miles to savor . The steamed mussels and raw oysters like few others served . Fresh seasonally available fish done just the way you like on a menu that also offers a variety of healthy vegetarian and vegan choices , too . 286 Montauk Highway - East Hampton 631-324-4448
When the December 2017 fire took out a large swatch of Sag Harbor ’ s Main Street it destroyed the beloved movie theater along with business on both side . It ’ s been a long time coming but that stretch of the historic village is back ! Leading the way is the all-new , expanded SAG TOWN . Nearly doubled in size it maintained its cozy , café home away from home feel with now twice the space for its adoring fans to sip and lounge . Moreover it added a variety of food making it as much a full restaurant as coffee club . Choose from 4 styles of flat bread personal pizzas , a half dozen gourmet sandwiches , an equal amount of healthy , made on-site salads , and a dozen different ways to prepare the most popular breakfast or all day treat , organic Acai Bowls and smoothies . Of course the coffee , tea , espresso , latte and cappuccino board is as full as ever , with my favorite Carmel Marchiato on board every day . Open daily from 6am year-round . Main Street - Sag Harbor 631-725-TOWN
When you want the best in authentic , down home BBQ there ’ s one place to go . Located a mile east of East Hampton Village you can smell the baby back ribs a mile away ! Serving lunch and dinner daily with a great take-out operation , too , choose from all your favorite meals . Succulent pork , choice chicken , hearty beef and every side dish known to an eating man , this is ground zero for folks who want to simply enjoy a great , casual All-American meal with all the fixings . 199 Pantigo Road - East Hampton 631-604-6470
Boasting a beautiful main room , private booths , a floor length sushi bar and separate bar this classic Japanese restaurant offers comfortable seating for 1 to 40 . Featuring a full menu of sushi , sashimi , hand rolls and traditional entrées choose from the largest selection in the area . That includes a collection of some 30 custom designed hand rolls . Serving lunch and dinner daily with take-out . 40 Montauk Highway - Amagansett 631-267-7600



As you enter East Hampton village you ’ ll note a new restaurant sign with a very familiar name . IL MULINO NEW YORK 631-658-9122 has been a dining landmark in New York for over two decades , offering sophisticated Italian fare in impeccable surroundings and expert hospitality . This summer they bring not just a seasonal , but year-round extension of that polished brand to the East End . Like the fare their libations are soothing solutions to a hectic summer schedule . This richly layered cooler will make even the hardest day so down smoothly . INGREDIENTS 3 Oz . - Hendrick ’ s Gin 3 Oz . - Tonic Water 1 Oz . - Fresh Lemon Juice 1 Oz . - Cucumber Infused Simple Syrup 2 Leaves Crushed Basil Begin by peeling and thinly slicing a small cucumber and adding it to a quart of simple syrup ( mix of 50 / 50 % water and sugar ) set aside for 2 days . Then add the gin , lemon juice and simple syrup to a tall shaker filled with ice and mix well . Pour into a tall rocks glass with ice , top with tonic and garnish with a teaspoon ’ s fresh crushed basil .

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RESTAURANT ROUND UP: EAST END   IL MULINO The legendary New York City restaurant comes to East Hampton this year. Located overlooking Georgica Pond just 1 mile west of the village this edition mixes the always attentive quality to fine Italian food, gracious dining and superlative service with a more casual, relaxed atmosphere. A perfect choice for a leisurely, luxurious dinner, a must for that special evening out. Serving dinner daily, res- ervation are highly suggested. 108 Wainscott Stone Road - East Hampton 631-658-9122   LA CAPANNINIA The best pizza in the area is located on Montauk Highway between East Hampton and Bridgehamp- ton. Open daily from 11AM-11PM with a full array of traditional Italian entrees, wine [Y\^H܈ˈYY]\HY^H\H܈\YYH[Z[O\[ZXY[^x&[]HB[[Z[وܙX]XYHHBML[۝]ZY^H HX\[\ۂKMLLTT[HH^\\\^XۙHو[ˈHYZXKX\\YXHوHYX[܈H\Y][]8&\]\ܙ[\\]ZXBK[ۈH\\KH\\YXH]8&\œۈHޙ[܈[ܙH^\ܙX]HH[[X]B[[X \[[[[\Z[HBۛH[]\[H\\\Z\[X[ۈقۋZYKYK[XYHXHܙX[H[\\˂XZ[Y] HY\܂KNNKM Sx&TUSST\YX\Y\܈[YYHܘ[]œXHX]Y[HHH[YHš]HXYH[۝]Z&\\YXx&\[\܈XX\\H]YۈXZ[Y]\X]]Y[BۜXYH\H\KޞKX[X›[H[[ۈZ\[H[\Y[ݚY BYHZ\ X\[ܚ[ [XYHHYH][H[[[\Z[H]YZ[[ XZ[Y] HY\܂KM̍KLL ԑSPԕT[[Hܘ]HY][]8&\\܈[B\]\]KXY[XY[] ]Y[HX\وXZ[Y]]\\\ ZXB[ݙH] \\YZX\[Y\XZB\[[Yˈ\ۘ[Kx&[ZHZ[B]HXH[[وݙHH^[Hܙ\˜[][HZ][HH[YH[H[YH܋ XZ[Y] H[XY[]KMLMM†HURQUSH YH^H\H\HXۙX[[Y\XKB^K^x&\Hܛۙˈ[HHX\H\ۜHH]\وH\[X[H]ܚ]HX\[\ۂX]\HH[[YܙYH]YKH NMŒNNNH]ZY][H\ۙHوH[[\\]\[ۈHX\[ ZHHH[ܙB[۝]ZYHSH NB[[\YY H\\XY [HKB[\H[X[\ˈYK[XYHX\\][ BX]YHX[[HوH]\\[\˜YܛYX\\[\ޞH B[Z[HYZ\H\Z\ۙH^HBܜY[HYۈ[YHۋ\\YHXH]ۛHۙHX[H[ۙY\K[XK]8&\XH]X[HوHYۘ]\H\\]H[ܘ]Y[H\وYۚYX[Y B][ۜˈ\[[[[\Z[H[x&[[HX[][[][[[H\ݙHZ[\]܋HX[YY]\[˜[]\\ZH]\\Y \XKBۘ[H]Z[XH\ۙH\H^H[HZHۈBY[H][ٙ\H\Y]HوX[HY]\X[[Y[X\˂ [۝]ZY^H HX\[\ۂKL̍ M STӔ”TQӂ[HX[X\ M\H]H\B]وY\ܸ&\XZ[Y]]\YYB[ݙY[ݚYHX]\[ۙ]\[\ۈYK]8&\Y[Hۙ[YHZ[]]]وH\ܚX[YH\XHXY[H^H\H[ []^[YQӋX\HXY[^H]XZ[Z[Y]ޞKYHYH]^HBYHY[]XHHXH܈]Yܚ[™[\[[ܙ[ݙ\]YYH\Y]BوXZ[]\]XH[\]\[\ًBYHXHH [\و]XY\Bۘ[^\H[ޙ[\Y][X\[\]X[[[[وX[KXYHۋ\]H[Y[Hޙ[Y\[^\\\HH[[\XZ٘\܈[^HX] ܙ[XXZH[[Y\ˈو\HHٙYKXK\\]H[\X[\\\[\]\]^H]ܚ]H\Y[X\X]ۈ\]\H^K[Z[HH [HYX\\[ XZ[Y] HY\܂KM̍KUӂSS[[H[H\[]][XۈYBH\x&\ۙHXHˈ]YHZ[HX\قX\[\ۈ[YH[H[Y[HXHXœXHZ[H]^HH\[[[[\Z[H]HܙX]ZK[]\][ۋHH[[\]ܚ]HYX[ˈX[[ܚXHX[X\HYY[]\HYH\ۛۈ[X] B[X[\\ܛ[\܈[œ[\H[HHܙX] \X[[ P[Y\X[YX[][H^[˂NNH[YY HX\[\ۂKM M RTB\[HX]]Y[XZ[K]]HH܈[\H\[\\]H\\\BX\[\H\]\[ٙ\YܝXHX][™܈ H X]\[H[Y[Hو\K\[ZK[[Y][ۘ[[Y\HHB\\[X[ۈ[H\XK][Y\HXB[ۈوYH \H\YۙY[ˈ\B[[[[\Z[H]ZK[] [۝]ZY^H H[XY[]KLM͌ SP&TPSPTTSTB[H[\X\[\ۈ[ BYH[x&[HH]\]\[Yۈ]H\H[Z[X\KSUSSUSԒ KMN NLL\Y[H[[[X\[][ܚ™܈ݙ\XY\ٙ\[\BX]Y][X[\H[[\XXH\B[[[^\][]K\œ[[Y\^H[\HX\ۘ[ ]YX\\[^[[ۈو] B\Y[HX\[ ZHB\HZ\X][ۜ\H[KB[ۜHXX[[Y\Y[K\œXH^Y\Y\[XZH][B\\^Hۈ[KSԑQQSŒދ H[X&\[ދ HۚX]\Hދ H\[[ۈZXBHދ HX[X\[\Y[\H\\X]\ܝ\Y\[Y[HY[[[[HX[BX[X[X\[Y[]H]X\و[\H\\ Z^و L L H]\[Y\H]\YH܈ ^\ˈ[YH[[[ۈZXH[[\B\\H[Z\[Y]XH[Z^[ \[H[\]XK]ۚX[\\]BX\۸&\\ܝ\Y\[ ˓[۝]ZYK