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RESTAURANT ROUND UP : MONTAUK mix of rice , grains , vegetables and more . 448 West Lake Drive - 631-238-5707

When is something new , but old ? Dependable but innovative ? Sexy but familiar ? Outside of your old high-school flame I ’ d say this venerable eatery and bar more than fits the bill ! Standing tall on Main Street for over 70 years this has been a home-away from home for generations who always appreciated its raw , casual , cozy charm . Now under Jason Behan watchful eye , they added a new dining dimension last year by importing Chef Darren Boyle , the man who made Shelter Island ’ s “ Salt ” the place to be seen . Serving the finest , premium , aged steak choices to the freshest seafood , fish and lobster entrees in Montauk they are open daily for lunch and dinner and of course late-night for a cold one . Like music ? It ’ s live or DJ ’ s every Friday and Saturday .
774 Main Street - 631-668-3050
We all know the Tuna is a great place to grab a drink overlooking the ocean , meet new and old friends , listen to some of the best music in Montauk and have a ball ! But food is just as essential an element to the Tuna ’ s appeal and this year they ’ ve doubled down on that with a variety of new programs and ideas . Start with a great Pre-Fixe dinner , served Sunday to Thursday from 5-10PM for only $ 24.99 . Have yours in the main room or overlooking the waves on their outdoor deck . Like your music loud and proud , drop by Sundays for Country Night ! Serving lunch and dinner daily from noon-10PM the bar is open till 4AM .
148 S . Emerson - 631-647-8000
Six years ago a new room opened here to great success . Praised for its food , service and vision this harbor front spot is a showcase for chef / owner James Tchinis ‘ s culinary magic . Relying on local farmers for seasonally available produce , local fishermen for the freshest catch of the day , and area suppliers for basic ingredients he and his staff turn out innovative fare . Equal parts showman and master chef you get to watch their mastery from a front row seat at the open air kitchen while they turn out some of the best small plate seafood , fish and shellfish in town . Have your meal in their rustic , casual nautical main room or on the sun drenched deck at waterside ’ edge . Add some of the best custom cocktails in Montauk , daily specials , live music in season almost every night of the week and some of the best views of the harbor and you know why this is one of the hottest rooms in town .
474 West Lake Drive - 631-668-8344
Celebrating its 19th year as Montauk ’ s favorite sports bar The Point is dedicated to the decidedly All-American proposition that you simply can ’ t get enough pro and college baseball , basketball , hockey and all things athletic , action . Located in the heart of the village catch all the games on a mindboggling 16 flat screen TV ’ s wired to every sports network your little heart desires ! Looking for great casual food , the boys offer a full fledged menu that covers all the bases : finger food like wings , potato skins and nachos ; hearty soups , salads , sandwiches and burgers as well as an entrée list that embraces fresh local fish , prime steaks and chicken dishes . Add a river of brew , a bevy of drink specials , great live entertainment and the night is perfect . Open for lunch and dinner daily the bar ’ s open till 4AM so don ’ t be shy about dropping in early and staying late . Main Street - Montauk - 631-668-1500



Serving Lunch & Dinner FRIDAY - MONDAYS


88 FIRESTONE ROAD MONTAUK , NY • ( 631 ) 668-5992
Since 1952
• Waffles with Fruit or Ice Cream & GLUTTEN-FREE WAFFLES , TOO !
• Crepes filled with Fresh Fruit
• Fruit Filled Pancakes
• Variety of Pancakes
• Old-Fashioned French Toast
• Eggs Benedict
• Egg White Omelet ’ s
• Variety of Omelet ’ s
• Hand Made Burgers
• Wraps
Located at the West Lake Marina , right next to the docks , this restaurant has that old Montauk vibe combined with new and innovative ways to serve seafood . Sit inside or outside at the Dockside Bar and watch boats come in with their catch . The menu features fresh local seafood , fresh sushi , fish & chips , chowder and a raw bar , even a kids menu ! Families are more than welcome . Live music everyday in season , no reservations required .
352 Westlake Drive - 631-668-FISH ( 3474 )
June 9 - Soul Junkies June 16 - Lynn Blue Band June 23 - Remember September June 30 - Rhealm
• Bagels and Nova Lox
• Salads
• Gyros
• Greek Salad
• Chef ’ s Salad
• Premium Ice Cream
• Sodas and Floats
• Sundaes
• Steak and Eggs
• Country Fried Steak

66th Anniversary !


“ A Must Stop in Montauk Since 1952 ” BREAKFAST IS SERVED ALL DAY

Open All Year at 7AM - Corner of Main Street and S . Embassy 631-668-9705
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