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RESTAURANT ROUND UP : MONTAUK apre ’ beach cocktails . Opening mid-May expect them to capitalize on a large ocean view deck , decent sized pool and lawn and their ability to deliver the goods . THE BREAKERS - 769 Old Montauk Highway 631-668-2525

For 66 glorious years this tried and true spot has put more eggs , pancakes , waffles , bagels w / lox , old fashioned French toast and freshly brewed coffee in front of more people than any other spot in town . For a real treat , try the crepes , they ’ re filled with fresh fruit , and topped with real whipped cream . Waffles are made to order , hot off the iron – top them with ice cream or berries . Breakfast is available all day , and lunch begins as soon as you ’ ve finished your eggs . Count on the handmade burgers , gyros , salads and sandwiches to be hearty and delicious , the prices reasonable and the service at your service . New this year a delicious honey bowl filled with home-made granola , Greek yogurt and fruit and the always hip Ascei Bowl , with organic rice , locally available fruit , berries , and assorted toppings .
S . Embassy and Main St - 631-668-9705
Located on the beautiful shores of Ft . Pond Bay this is one of the most popular , waterfront restaurants on the East End . Offering a charming , rustic , nautical feel and a large waterfront deck people flock here to drink in magnificent sunsets and beautiful scenery . Add a broad menu that includes fresh fish and seafood in imaginative recipes to go with always perfect lobster served in a variety of ways . All under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Pierre Sudre , a French native who brought two decades experience in four-star restaurants from Miami to French Polynesia to bear . Open for lunch , dinner and take-out a happy marriage of the best of old and new Montauk .
65 Tuthill Road - 631-668-2410
Anyone who knows East End comfort food knows Goldberg ’ s . With locations in East Hampton , Southampton , Westhampton Beach they ’ ve spread the gospel of great comfort food from one end of the Hampton ’ s to the other . In Montauk they even offer three convenient locations , one in the village just south of Main Street , another between the village and Amagansett and just opened their new outpost at the head of the harbor in what was for many , many years the Four Oaks . Enjoy the same fresh made bagels , home-made soups and full deli here , too ! Open from 6AM till 3PM daily come by for breakfast or lunch and see why the lines start to form as soon as the sun comes up !
28 S . Etna Street - 631-238-5976
More than a restaurant a landmark that literally put Montauk on the gastronomic map ! Set beside the harbor inlet , the passing boats your personal maritime parade choose from the casual outdoor clam bar or formal restaurant . The first is a sunny stop for a basket of fried local seafood , freshly made lobster roll or hot dog and a cup of premium ice cream . The second is a full service restaurant where an innovative menu of local seafood , fish and lobster rivals any room in town . Like sushi ? There ’ s simply no better place to have a custom roll or a full platter of your choice . Combining panoramic views with superb food and professional service today ’ s Gosman ’ s more than earns its place amongst the very best restaurants in the East End . Serving lunch and dinner daily .
West Lake Drive - 631-668-5330
Looking for fresh , healthy Mexican food ? Located on the east end of Main Street everything here is made-to-order , prepared right in front of you . Start with a heaping helping of lime chicken , marinated steak or shredded pork . Add handfuls of shredded lettuce , cheese , tomatoes , guacamole and our house made salsas . Top with the sauce of your choice and enjoy one of the great casual meals in all of Montauk ! Grab a seat indoors , a table on their lawn or pick-up on your way to the
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Open Year Round Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner Eat In or Take Out Outdoor Dining Available
Now Serving Beer , Wine & Sangria
Create Your Own : Soft Tacos - Hard Tacos Burritos - Salads - Bowls Kids Menu Available
Fresh Ingredients
631.668.7500 GringosBurritoGrillmtk . com 805 Montauk Highway - Montauk - NY - USA
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RESTAURANT ROUND UP: MONTAUK apre’ beach cocktails. Opening mid-May expect them to capitalize on a large ocean view deck, decent sized pool and lawn and their ability to deliver the goods. THE BREAKERS - 769 Old Montauk Highway 631-668-2525   ANTHONY’S PANCAKE HOUSE For 66 glorious years this tried and true spot has put more eggs, pancakes, waffles, bagels w/ lox, old fashioned French toast and freshly brewed coffee in front of more VRFFW"7@Fvf"&VG&VBG'FR7&WW2FW( &PfVBvFg&W6g'VBBFVBvF&VvV@7&VvffW2&RFRF&FW"BfbFP&( 7FFVvF6R7&V"&W'&W2'&VЦf7B2f&RFBV6&Vv2262^( fRf6VBW"Vvw26VBFRBЦFR'W&vW'2w&26G2B6Gv6W2F&PV'GBFVƖ6W2FR&6W2&V6&RBFP6W'f6RBW"6W'f6RWrF2V"FVƖ6W0W&vfVBvFRFRw&w&VVwW'BBg'VBBFRv266V&vvF&v2&6R6ǒf&Rg'VB&W'&W2B2Ч6'FVBFw22V&77B7Bc3ccӓsP&"BFrB7Wb&V֗V6R7&VFR6V6B2gV6W'f6R&W7FW&BvW&RЦfFfRVRb66VfBf6B'7FW &f2&FvƖR7W6FW&^( 26ǐ&WGFW"6RFfR7W7F&"gVBЧFW"bW"66R6&r&֖2fWw2vF7WW&"fBB&fW766W'f6RFF( 2v2Ц( 2&RFV&2G26Rw7BFRfW'&W7B&W7FW&G2FRV7BVB6W'frV6@FW"FǒvW7BRG&fRc3ccS33u$t2%U%$Du$rf"g&W6VFW6fCЦ6FVBFRV7BVBb7G&VWBWfW'FpW&R2FRF&FW"&W&VB&vBg&B`R7F'BvFVrVrbƖR66V&FVB7FV"6&VFFVB&FBFgV0b6&VFFVBWGGV6R6VW6RFFW2wV6ЦRBW"W6RFR662FvFFR6V6PbW"66RBVRbFRw&VB67VV2bFVw&"6VBF'2F&RFV"v"6WW"vFFPEU%T( 2D46FVBFR&VWFgV6&W2bgBB&F22RbFR7BV"vFW&g&B&W7FRЧ&G2FRV7BVBffW&r6&֖r'W7F2WF6fVVB&vRvFW&g&BFV6VPf6W&RFG&vf6VB7V6WG2B&VRЧFgV66VW'FB'&BVRFB6VFW2g&W6f6B6VfBvFfR&V6W2FvvFv2W&fV7B'7FW"6W'fVBf&WGbv2VFW"FRvF6gVWRbWV7WFfR6VbW'&P7VG&Rg&V6FfRv'&VvBGvFV6FW0WW&V6RfW"7F"&W7FW&G2g&֖֒Fg&V6ǖW6F&V"Vf"V6FW BFRWB'&vRbFR&W7Bb@BWrFVcRGWF&Bc3cc#CƖRW2ࡲtD$U$~( 0Rvw2V7BVB6f'BfBw0vF&W&~( 2vF6F2V7BF6WFЦFvW7FF&V6FW( fR7&VBFPv7Vbw&VB6f'BfBg&RVBbFPF( 2FFRFW"FVFWWfVbЦfW"F&VR6fVVB6F2RFRfvRW7@6WFb7G&VWBFW"&WGvVVFRfvPBv6WGBBW7BVVBFV"WrWG7@BFRVBbFR&&"vBv2f"琧V'2FRfW"2VFR6Rg&W6FP&vV2RFR6W2BgVFVƒW&RFVg&dF5Fǒ6R'f"'&Vf7@"V6B6VRvFRƖW27F'BFf&262FR7V6W2W#2WF7G&VWBc3#3Ss`%TBU"t4@VB"FRW@WFF"Frf&P0%$P`5@UBU24DU"U"UBUdTBt4( 2D4&RF&W7FW&BF&FBƗFW&ǒW@FVFRv7G&֖26WB&W6FRFP&&"WBFR76r&G2W"W'6&ЧFR&FR66Rg&FR67VWFF"6Ц&""f&&W7FW&BFRf'7B27V7Ff &6WBbg&VB66VfBg&W6ǒFR'7FW wwrFVƖfR6АVV"&V@'&Vf7BV6bFW r6W'fr&VW"vRb6w&7&VFRW"v㠥6gBF62&BF60'W'&F26G2&v0g w"W6VFPG0G2VRf&Pc3cccs#DTuDT吣c3ccsSw&v4'W'&Fw&F6УRFVvvFVU4TR#FVƖfRSP