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SUMMER DRINKS A s the spring sun hangs longer in the sky, days become warmer, nights turn balmy and many a local tavern becomes a natural destination for a cooling drink. When that inclination hits know there are many a tavern and bar here that can drive away your thirst with a customized concoction. Here are five sure to more than just wet your whistle.   SAN REMO GURNEY’S 631-668-2345 has become the most popular resort destination in the Hampton by bringing a sophisticated yet accessible brand of hospitality to its oceanfront restaurants and beach bar. This classic drink epitomizes exactly that approach. A variation on the 1930’s Boulevard, it updates that sharp, aromatic concoction with the finest, craft style ingredients. A variation perfect for a breezy afternoon or evening at this swank, sophisticated spot. INGREDIENTS 2 Oz. - Woodford Bourbon 1 Oz. - Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth 1 Oz. Campari ½ Oz - St, Germain Liquor Splash Fresh Orange Juice Orange Twist Pour the bourbon, vermouth and two liquors into a tall shaker with ice and mix well. Strain into a rocks glass with ice, top with the fresh OJ and garnish with a twist. Tallulah from Swallow East   SOUTHERN MOONSHINE There’s a reason Montauk’s THE POINT 631-668- 1500 has been packed for almost 20 years. Well, more than just one. A great sports bar with a lively bar crowd it also offers a family-friendly menu and an inviting at- mosphere. Add to that custom cocktails like these and you‘ve got all the reasons on the East End to pay this classic a call. This month’s mix uses two unique ingre- dients that have become local favorites. If you love it, thank barkeep Patricia, a young lady who knows how to keep her customers satisfied. INGREDIENTS 3 Oz. - Sweet Tea Moonshine 2 Oz. - Montauk Hard Label Peach Whiskey 3 Oz. - Fresh Lemonade Wedge of Lemon Simply take all three ingredients and pour into a tall shaker and mix well. Pour into a tall rocks glass filled with cracked ice, add the wedge of lemon and sit back and enjoy.   TALLULAH For movie buffs over the age of fifty, you may think this clever drink is named after actress Tallulah Bankhead. One of Hollywood’s wit- tiest not to mention gorgeous lead- ing ladies of the 1930-50’s she was a babe worth toasting. Ah, but this particular drink is named for Mon- tauk’s SWALLOW EAST 631-668- 8344 manager’s wife. A tribute me- morialized with a drink that is sweet, refreshing and delicious. The trick here is to prepare the fruit base well in advance and then serve each drink as per this recipe. INGREDIENTS 1 Qt. - Fresh Strawberries 4 - Jalapenos 1 Qt. - Oro Dr Lidia ½ Oz. - Fresh Lime ¾ Oz. - Agave Begin by cleaning and pu- reeing the strawberries then clean and thinly slice the jala- penos. Add them and the Oro de Lidia into a large sealed glass container and refriger- ate for 48 hours. To make each drink, pour 2 ounces of the straw- berry mixture into a tall shaker, add the lime and agave and stir well. Pour into a rocks glass filled with ice and garnish with a strawberry slice.   MTK 33 Although not technically new, the SALTBOX 631-238- 5727 comes into its third season in Montauk with a new vigor and vision. Building on a faithful follow- ing attracted by its innovative menu, soothing style, welcoming staff and al- ways popular bar scene this year they’ve fine-tuned the mix with an eye towards ce- 50 | Montauk Life | JU