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PUBLISHER MESSAGE GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES! W ith Memorial Day in our rear-view mirror we all know the race to enjoy these pre- cious few months is on. For some that means cramming in as many black-tie nights and star-studded events as humanly possible. For oth- ers it means leisurely strolls down the beach, casual meals with friends and a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. However you choose to enjoy your day, week, month or season here you’ll find within these pages a variety of tips, features and solutions to your sum- mer needs. Whatever appeals to you, I hope you find a balance between the inevitable extremes.   OPEN FOR FUN One must-see event for many is the 118th annual US Open. Held again on the historic grounds of the Shinnecock Hills golf course this is truly a world- class event. If you haven’t grabbed your ticket be sure to do it soon. And when you go take a moment to not just enjoy the play but the setting. One of the country’s most beautiful courses this extremely private club is a marvel of views, landscape and po- sitioning. On the other hand if you are not going remem- ber the thousands who are make for quite a traffic jam in that part of the East End. There will be satel- lite parking fields and public transportation to soak- up most of the flow but know getting in and out of the area that 10 days is no stroll on the 18th green. Be patient, be careful, be safe out there. Speaking of sports, on a personal note I want to congratulate the folks at the new Clubhouse in East Hampton. This is a new spot that centers on another old-fashioned sport, bowling. Now that’s something we haven’t had around here since they tore down the old East Hampton Bowl 2 years ago. Imagine that, a whole area without a single bowling alley! Down right un-American if you ask me. And I should know. Back in the day, when this white-haired man was a mere pup, my little circle of nerdish friends and I spent many an afternoon at the EH Bowl rolling the old pumpkin down the alley. Drop a quarter in the juke box and cue-up the latest Stones or Beatles singles. When we got a bit older, like 16, he had our first beer at the bar and at 18 some of us met myste- rious older women who had a thing for little hippies like us. Them my friends, were the golden days. Of course the Clubhouse will not be the setting for such risqué adventures, I am sure. But between the bowling, the bocce (three indoor courts), a huge game room and great restaurant a good time will no doubt be had for one and all. And after all, that’s what these next three months are all about. Finding that corner of the East End that puts a smile on your face to last the whole season long. ■ Kirby Marcantonio Vintage Pink Far Eastern Gifts • Vintage Jewelry Antiques • Zen Home & Garden 631-668-8200 787B Montauk Highway, Montauk (Behind Montauk Clothing Co.) JUNE 2018 | Montauk Life | 5