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TRAILS OF HITHER WOODS By Chris Pfund A s anyone who reads this missive knows communing with nature from the seat of a quality carbon steed, that’s my passion. And I’m more than stoked to pass that drive on to you. So, what’s the best way to get you started on your off-ride education? Short of a direct transfusion of carbon fiber and rubber, that is, I think the best intro- duction would be to saddle up and see what all this fuss is about. Let’s plot a course that gives you a great cross-sec- tion of Montauk trails most any rider can tackle. It be- gins at the main trail head just west of the village. To get there take the main road out of the village (Route 27) two miles to the Montauk Recycling center. That’s a polite word for what we locals call the dump! Take a right into the facility and just a few feet off the road you’ll see a trail marker on your left for the Parkway Trail. Once on you’ll find yourself peddling west parallel to the main road, rising and falling in a series of gentle hills. It’s a good start to your day; roughly three miles that help you find your rhythm and work up a sweat as you come across the next leg of this trek. That would be the Serpent’s Back trail. As you turn north here you’ll immediately notice a change in tone and difficulty. A classic single track that cris- crosses the backbone of Hither Woods you’re in for a 2 mile long roller coaster ride that will rattle your bones and stretch your legs. The pay off, besides a great work out, is the next leg of your ride. Nearing the bay side of the Mon- tauk peninsula the Serpent’s Back glides into the Old North Road. A smoother trek head onto it for a mile and then be on the lookout for the Coastal Trail, one of the most scenic rides on the East End. Soon you’ll begin to notice a change in landscape and feel. Woods thin as you approach the bay, fi- nally bursting out in cinematic views of water and sky. The first is the Key Hole, a beautiful view through the notch to the bay. In a little under a mile you’ll have numerous chances to have your breath taken away as woods give way to panoramic scenes you just can’t see many other places. Slices of nature’s bounty that give a concrete feel for why so many folks like me are drawn to the seclusion and wonder of the woods. Nature’s cathedral some call it, and I’ll be the last to disagree. Dropping back on the Coastal Trail you’ll soon find yourself passing the Town Park at Rod’s Valley, with its 500’ deep water pier and steep bluffs. Con- necting with Navy Road civilization beckons and it’s a quick ride back to Main Street. In a little under two hours you’ve seen a great sampling of the enormous assortment of trails and terrain the Woods have to offer. I think you’ll come away with a thirst to see and ride, more. When you do know we’re here to help any way we can. My crack team can recommend routes, rent you a trusty aluminum steed, fix what’s broken and sell you the clothes and accessories you need for a day in the wilds of Montauk. Just drop by the shop any day and we’ll treat you nice, that’s a promise! When not exploring the trails of Hither Woods you’ll find Chris Pfund behind the coun- ter of the MONTAUK BIKE SHOP (668-8975). You’ll find in the center of the village, on Main Street next to John’s Pancake House. ■ e ervic Full S rd Ya oats ter B r Cha ire For H Darenberg’s Dock a Avai ge lable for 2017 the Seas on MONTAUK MARINE BASIN NEW GAS DOCKS • TRANSIENT BOATS WELCOME • BAIT/TACKLE 426 West Lake Drive, Montauk NY, 11954 • Tel - 631-668-5900 • Fax - 631-668-5659 • 49TH ANNUAL Shark Tag Tournament JUNE 21 - 23, 2018 JUNE 2018 | Montauk Life | 45