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The newest addition to the public cultural scene celebrates its fourth season with a ground breaking series . “ LIGHT ON SHADOW ” is a sobering look at how the waters that sustain us and the life that depends upon them are facing extinction . Photographer and environmental activist Shawn Heinrich ’ s exquisite photographs bear powerful witness to this threat . Working with the Blue Sphere Foundation he has traveled the marine world collecting artistic evidence that cannot be ignored anymore . Co-creator of the Emmy-Award winning “ Racing Extension ” ( which will be shown June 1 ) he and his work are on exhibition from May 26 - July 16 Thursday-Sunday from noon - 6PM . Attendance is a must for anyone who loves life and this fragile planet .
25 Jobs Lane - Southampton - 631-283-0967
Located just off the Montauk Highway at the easterly entrance of Amagansett GRAIN SURFBOARDS is best known for their creation of beautiful , handcrafted , wooden surfboards . Distinctive in design , unique in construction each one is literally a work of art . To this they add visual art that is in tone and style very much in tune with their craft . June ’ s exhibit features evocative seaside photographs by Jonathan Clancy , a perfect companion to the array of glistening boards on display . 11 Indian Wells Highway - Amagansett 631-267-9283


This past month the art world lost two

luminous figures when husband-andwife Gerson and Judith Leiber passed away . He was an award-winning print maker and painter who took his inspiration from the natural world that surrounds their East Hampton home . Translated through his cubist and expressionist sensibilities his prints are beautiful , enchanting , enthralling essays on life and its possibilities .
Judith was throughout the 1960 ’ s a sought after creator of some of the most prized handbags in the world . Each was a hand-crafted piece of art . Whether inspired by ladybugs , peacocks , Buddha ’ s , vegetables or musical instruments each small bag is a true work of work , intricately designed , embellished with layers of crystals and semi-precious stones they are objects that collectors crave and fashion conscious buyers simply cannot get enough of !
They died within hours of each of one another on April 30 . She was 96 he 97 . Although gone their legacy lives on at their East Hamp-
Judith Leiber Handbags From Three Fabulous Private Collections : Kelly Ellman , Saini Kannan , Susan Morrow .
ton studio where many of their prints and bags are still open for public viewing every Saturday , Sunday and Wednesday from 1-4PM . 446 Old Stone Highway - East Hampton 631-329-3288

Summer Exhibits & Programs

“ Bootlegging on the East End ” An Exhibition At The Corwith House
Annual Antique Show & Sale June 23-24
“ Charles Addams Cartooning Workshop for Kids ” With Artist Peter Spacek - July 9 - 13
“ Pottery Camp for Kids ” With Mary Jaffe - August 6-10
“ Summer Songs ” Concerts With Caroline Doctorow May 12 , June 30 , July 28 & August 25
Light on Shadow
Fine Art Imagery by Shawn Heinrichs Curated by Matthew Hockley Smith Presented with Blue Sphere Foundation
MAY 25 - JULY 16 , 2018
Opening Reception : SATURDAY , MAY 25 • 5-8 PM • FREE
GALLERY HOURS Thursday - Monday • 11 AM-6 PM
25 Jobs Lane , Southampton 631.283.0967 bluespherefoundation . org
southamptonartscenter . org # SouthamptonArtsCenter
Photo Credit : Shawn Heinrichs
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  SOUTHAMPTON ARTS CENTER The newest addition to the public cultural scene celebrates its fourth season with a ground breaking series. “LIGHT ON SHADOW” is a sobering look at how the waters that sustain us and the life that depends upon them are facing extinction. Photog- rapher and environmental activist Shawn Heinrich’s exquisite photographs bear powerful witness to this threat. Working with the Blue Sphere Fou FFP2G&fVVBFR&Rv&B6V7Fr'F7F2WfЦFV6RFB6B&Rv&VB&R67&VF bFRVגv&Bvr( &6rWFV6( Тv6v&R6vVRRB2v&&RW&Fg&#bVǒbFW'6F7VFg&eGFVF6R2W7Bf"PvfW2ƖfRBF2g&vRWB#R'2R6WFFc3#2cpu$5ETD6FVBW7BfbFRFVvvBFRV7BЦW&ǒVG&6Rbv6WGBu$5U$d$$E02&W7Bvf"FV"7&VFb&VWFgVBЦ7&gFVBvFV7W&f&&G2F7F7FfRFW6vVVR67G'V7FV6R2ƗFW&ǒv&b'BFF2FWFBf7V'BFB2FR@7GRfW'V6GVRvFFV"7&gBV^( 2W&@fVGW&W2Wf6FfR6V6FRFw&2'F67W&fV7B6FFR'&bvƗ7FVЦr&&G2F7FvV2vvv6WG@c3#crӓ#0T5BTB%@tT4RDDRT$U"4T5DBtd4T@RR"%4U54U%0d454`4T5D@27BFFR'Bv&B7BGvV֖W2fwW&W2vVW6&BBЧvfRvW'6BVFFV&W"76V@vRv2v&Bvr&BЦW"BFW"vF27&Fg&FRGW&v&BFB7W'&VG2FV V7BFRG&6FVBF&Vv27V&7BBW&W767B6V6&ƗFW20&G2&R&VWFgVV6FrVF&ЦrW762ƖfRBG276&ƗFW2धVFFv2F&VvWBFRc( 26Vv@gFW"7&VF"b6RbFR7B&VBBЦ&w2FRv&BV6v2B7&gFV@V6Rb'BvWFW"7&VB'G'Vw2V662'VFF( 2fVvWF&W2"W66VFFV&W"F&w07G'VVG2V66&r2G'VRv&`g&F&VRf'VW2&fFR6V7F3f6Fw2'vW'6V&W v&G&6FVǒFW6vVBvFVǒV67W6'&rg&FRs2V&VƗ6V@2b2W'2b7'7F2B6V֒&V6W27FW0FW&R&V7G2FB6V7F'27&fR@f6666W06ǒ6@vWB@FvVFW6F7GVFvW&Rg&ЦbFV"&G0VWfW''WW'06GW&F7VF@F&w0BЦVVvb7FRvv7&w2V7BF&R7Ff"V&Ɩ2fWvpWfW'6GW&FCCb@Vc33#3#fV&W&W6WV&pFWFVBvFW'2bV6bRХ7VFBvVFW6Fg&EFW"&36Rv2bRrFVvCCbB7FRvvV7BFvRFV"Vv7ƗfW2BFV"V7BУc33#3#7VW"W&G0b&w&0( &FVvvrFRV7BVN( ФW&FBFR6'vFW6PVFVR6rb6PVR#2#@( 6&W2FF26'Frv&6f"G>( ХvF'F7BWFW"76VVǒ0( GFW'6f"G>( ХvF'ffRVwW7Bb( 7VW"6w>( 66W'G2vF6&ƖRF7F&p"VR3Vǒ#bVwW7B#PDR%$DtTDU4UTФƖvB6FpfR'BvW''6vV&607W&FVB'GFWr6W6֗F&W6VFVBvF&VR7W&RfVFF#RTŒb#Vr&V6WF㠥4EU$D#R( "Rӂ( "e$TPtU%U%0FW'6FF( "bУ#R'2R6WFFc3#2cp&VW7W&VfVFF&p6WFF'G66VFW"&p56WFF'G46VFW F7&VFC6vV&60wwrFVƖfR6АTR#FVƖfR