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REAL ESTATE: COMMERCIAL TRENDS A nyone who has faced the prospect of begin- ning a business here knows there are elements of that process that can be very challenging. Not the least is finding somewhere to physically start. For many, myself included, that begins and ends at home, where office space is carved out of second bed- rooms, garages, attics and basements. That’s all well and fine but there are limits to that kind of space. First, working from home can be a very distract- ing practice. No matter how much you insulate your- self from the daily domestic demands they are often just a short hallway or thin wall away. The concentration and focus most of us need to actually accomplish work suffers. Second, if the point of work is to meet and ac- quire clients asking them to step into your garage can compromise their view of your professionalism. After all, if you can’t afford a proper office, maybe you’re not ready to take on their job/needs. Next, if successful most budding enterprises grow in employees and space needed. From a practical side that means outgrowing the old home office. From a Town of East Hampton or Southampton Zoning aspect, using residential space as commercial is largely illegal. That is, you are allowed to work from home and have an office but staffing it with more than an assistant is not an allowed usage. So, if you need support staff to build your venture you’d better start looking for a tra- ditional shop or space. Last, and for some most important, working alone can be a lonely and self-defeating existence. We are social as well as entrepreneurial beings and one helps nurture the other. Workers isolated no matter how self- motivated can find their routine, so routine it becomes an unimaginative rut. That is not the healthiest of paths to growth or productivity. But, what is a new business to do? Rent space? Of- fice space may not be as expensive as retail shops, where monthly rents for prime locations top $30- 40,000 per month, but they are still prohibitive to most small start-ups. So caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place they can either shell-out money for space that could be better put to salaries, inventory or technology or conserve their capital at the expense of growth by staying at home. One new alternative is THE SPUR, an emerging of- fice sharing solution that could answer many of the East End small business’s immediate space needs. Founded just this past January in Southampton the idea isn’t new. Basically you take a large space and break it into smaller modules. Add to it commonly shared facilities and equipment necessary to grow a business but too expensive for a start-up to afford on its own. That includes dedicated work desks with secure storage, use of conference rooms for meetings and presentation, office services that include printing, mail- ing, graphic design. Need some quiet space? Their “Innovations Library” let’s you hit the books for re- search time that move your projects forward. That and more we’ve seen before. What makes The Spur a more invigorating approach is the social dimension layered on the practical. Run in a membership club style, The Spur’s layout includes a lounge where you can mingle with other owners or simply relax. Use the on-site food and bev- erage service for a great breakfast, lunch or drink or to entertain guests. Attend events where connections with like-minded businesspeople can yield opportuni- 68 | Montauk Life | JUNE 2018 The Spur’s proposed expansion in Southampton raises the bar for indy work-space. ties only a collective like The Spur can generate. Geared to start-ups in the food and beverage, media and technology, fashion and lifestyle niches The Spur found fertile ground here. So fast, it outgrew its origi- nal space at the Southampton Social Club and moved into the larger 230 Elm space next door. But that too is just a temporary stop. This week local developer Bruce Lewin announced plans to radically upscale the Spur with his purchase of the long abandoned car dealer- ship on the corner of the Montauk Highway and Ct Rd 39 at the very beginning of Southampton Village. The roughly 17,000 sq. feet there is leased to The Spur with plans to quickly convert it into a more elabo- rate facility. That calls for added space on a second F floor, dedicated offices for teams, a full scale bar & res- taurant and wellness facility for members. How quickly this will all come to pass is ѥՕ̸ ЁݥѠY)́ٽɅ䁽аЁѼ͕Ռ)ѥѡ́յȸ)ݡЁ́ѡѽȁ)QM ͔ɽԁ́͡ѡ)ɅɽѠȁ͕)ͽ䰁́م̸ٕѡ)ݕݽɭɽȁѡȁչȵ͕٥)ȁхͬЁѡMȁ́ɔѡ)ݥٕɝȁɔ܁́)ȁѡȁܰ͡ɕQɸɔх)ѡЁܹѡȹѡͽѡѽZ)II10 =55I %0)ȁѡЁII10 U%1%9)́幽嵽́ݥѠ䁡)եɔѡЁɽ)Ѽ䰁ݽ̰́٥́ɔ)ݥѠ镹́ѡȁѥհɕѥ̸ )ͽչ́ѡɝЁեȁѡɕ)ѡȁѵЁѼх屔Ռ)ѥ́)%ɕͥٔ́ѡЁ䁉ݹȁ)ɕ)ͼ́ͽѡɕé)ɍɽ̸ЁЁѕЁѼ)ɕمєѥɽѥ́́)եЀԁ иI䁹ЁѼѡ!ѽ))ѹ䁽ȁ ɥѽè ѕȁ1)ѡѠMѽɅ䰁́)܁ՍѥѼѡљ)Mѕȁѡ́ѡɅ)ѼMѡѽYѡɹȁ)AЁI5хլ!݅䰁ݼ)ե́ɔх͡AəЁȁɔ)хȁɍѥ䁱ȁѡ)٥ͥ䰁եѕ́хЁЀȰİи եЁѼȴ)ɕé݅́хɑ́ѡ͔ݥЁՉ)ٽȁݥѠ役ݡ́ɕմ)ɕ̸)%ѥɕٕ́ȁѡ)ե́M封ѕˊéAѠЁ!)ѽم䁡ɔх́ЀİĸиݥѠ)ѡѼѽ锁́ȁ̴)ɥȁɍݽɭQɸɔ)ѡЀĴܴȁѼܹȴ)ɕɍɜ)ܹ5хխ1