Montauk Life Montauk Life - July 2018 (5) - Page 88

MONTAUK DIRECTORY RESTAURANTS ESTABLISHMENT B - Breakfast • BR - Brunch • L - Lunch • D - Dinner • CC - Credit Cards • PR - Price Range M - Music and / or Entertainment • $-$15 per meal or less • $$-$15-25 • $$$-$25 and up B BR L D M CC PR COMMENTS 668 GIG SHACK 782 Main Street • 668-2727 Downtown chic, global surf cuisine, live music. ANTHONY’S PANCAKE HOUSE Main Street • 668-9705 65 years strong, best breakfast in town. ARBOR, 240 Ft. Pond Blvd • 238-5430 Mediterranean bistro. With extensive wine list and lush outdoor garden bar. ATLANTIC TERRACE EATERY 21 Oceanview Terrace • 631-668-2050 NEW! Casual café with great fish centered menu at Atlantic Terrace. DURYEA’S LOBSTER DECK 65 Tuthill Road • 668-2410 Great blend of old and new, serving lobster and fresh seafood on the bay. GOSMAN’S DOCK West Lake Drive • 668-5330 A legend 50 years old, still going strong. GOLDBERG’S BAGELS 28 S Etna • 238-5976 The best bagel, sandwiches and more in the village and harbor. GREY LADY 440 West Lake Drive • 210-6249 New England seafood and great drinks in a casual spot on the docks. GRINGO’S BURRITO Main Street • 668-7500 Great tacos, burritos and more to stay or go all day long. HOOKED 34 S. Etna Ave • 668-2111 NEW! Lobsters, seafood and more to go from the former chef at the Clam Bar. INLET SEAFOOD, East Lake Drive • 668-4272 Great water views, the freshest local fish and seafood. LAST LAGOON SALOON 126 S Emerson • 668-1511 Mermaid inspired spot, imaginative and fun with great food and drinks served indoors or pool side. LEFT HAND, 82 S. Elmwood Ave • 238-5434 Artisinal coffee and baked goods in the village and now, harbor MONTAUK BEACH HOUSE 55 S. Elmwood Ave • 668-2112 Jazzy boutique property offers great bar and restaurant open to the public. MONTAUKET Fleming Road • 668-5992 Authentic atmosphere, solid food, beautiful sunsets. MUSE 41 S. Euclid • 238-5937 Classy, cool spot for great casual food, innovative drinks, live music. NAVY BEACH 16 Navy Road • 668-6868 Casual coastal cuisine on the Bay. PIZZA VILLAGE 700 Montauk Highway • 668-2232 60 years as MTK’s favorite pizza place. RICKS CRABBY COWBOY CAFÉ East Lake Drive • 668-3200 Montauk’s most popular family friendly restaurant SAGTOWN MTK 696 Montauk Highway • 725-TOWN Sag Harbor’s renowned coffee café takes a sunny spot behind the Memory Motel. SAMMY’S 448 West Lake Drive • 238-5707 Great seafood and more overlooking the docks. SALIVAR’S West Lake Drive • 668-6252 Great place for a cold beer or a hot meal overlooking the docks. SALT BOX 99 Edgemere/The Plaza • 238-5727 Classy, cool spot for great casual food, innovative drinks, live music. Open Seven Days A Week • To Go or Enjoy in Our Dining Room SHAGWONG 774 Main Street • 668-3050 Under new owners the classic bar and restaurant is back!! HOME OF THE HAMPTON’S SWALLOW EAST 474 West Lake Drive • 668-8344 Award winning seafood on the docks. TAUK AT TRAIL’S END Edgemere Road • 238-5527 Find fresh fish, seafood and more in a casual new room just a block north of the Plaza. THE POINT Main Street • 668-1500 Our best sports bar offering great food, drinks and live music. WESTLAKE FISH HOUSE West Lake Drive • 668-FIS ͠͡ɥ́ѡ̸)i-UI(5хլ!݅䃊ĴܴɕЁ)͔Ѽх䁽ȁ)iU4M !9%H(ЁLݽ́ѡѥ مɥȁ)݅́́ɝ́ͥ)9QUI11d==)5=9QU,(ĸ)5хլ9d)ܹ9Ʌ )!=5<))5=9QT),)AI0<)eMQ)IL)0ѕȁȁ11̀)́D(ϊdɕ)=8Q!\ѕ)9%!Q1d%IA%QL(ԁЁ1ɥٔĴ Ʌ ݉乍(= QI%9=H1I=HM510AIQ%L) MPA%ii9%Q1%8==)9)=d]I]%99%9)A鄃M̃M)QɅѥ%хɕ)͕̃ Ȁ](Ĵܴ؃Ё5хլ!݅䃊]͍а9d(5хլ1)U9$)ܹ5хխ1