Montauk Life Montauk Life - July 2018 (5) - Page 84

EAST END SHOPPING COLLETTE Here’s a name you see on almost every trendy Main Street in the Hamptons. The Hampton’s home for luxury fashion, décor and furnishing consignment over the past years it has opened with multiple stores in Sag Harbor, Southampton and Bridgehamp- ton. Her expansion to that beautiful village began last year when she took over the old Urban Archeology store a few steps from Citarella’s. Stocked with some of the most beautiful contemporary, traditional and an- tique pieces it is a showroom any furniture lover or decorator need visit. Meanwhile she also opened another space at the Bridgehampton Commons. Filled with carefully curated furniture, home décor, lighting and more it offers home own- ers a selection of style and taste as broad as any i ѡɕ1ȁͥȁѡ)Ё͍չMͼɅѕ́ݽééͥȁ)ѡɕȁѡѽɔMݡ͡é܁5éѽɔ)5Mɕа ɥѽ䰁䁉5̸ єȁѡ)ɕѕȁ͡ɔȁѽ̸(ȁ5MɕЀMѡѽĴܴ(5MɕЀMѡѽĴ̴(ā5хլ!݅䀴 ɥѽĴд) ɥѽ ̀Ĵܴ(Ё5хլ1)U1d$)IU4IU99H!=5)ȁٕȀ啅́Iյչȁ́ѡЁݥѠѡȴ)́͡ͽɥ́ѡЁ͔=ɥ䁱ѕ)5MɕаЁ!ѽѡ䁱Ѽѡȁ͕ѽɔ)Mѡѽ!ѽI9܁ѕѡ5хլ!݅)ѡɕ́ݕЁЁ!ѽ׊eፕЁ͕ѥ)ѥѕ́Ʌɽɕ䁍ՅѼɽ䁕и)1ȁͽѡЁѡɑQ䁅ͼȁѽ镐)́ѼЁɽȁ屔)9Ѽɕ́ȁݸQ͔əհɽ́Ё)ɕ䰁Ёɕͥ5ɽɕ危ѕɥЁɕ݅)ݹȁȁ͕ѥɔ́ѽ՝́ѡ䁅ɔɅѥٔѡݥ)ȁѥȁݸ٥ȁ͕ͽ́(5хլ!݅䀴]͍ЀĴԴ(ȁ!ѽIMѡѽĴܴ)ܹ5хխ1