Montauk Life Montauk Life - July 2018 (5) - Page 82

EAST END SHOPPING AMAGANSETT BEACH & BIKE FLYING POINT You’ve seen their multiple stores in Southampton and Sag Harbor and won- dered, how did they get so large? A veritable mini-brand on the East End these all-purpose swim, surf and skate shops have become as popular as any in the area by stocking great brands and knowing how to treat customers. That formula paid off last year when they opened two new stores in Mon- tauk. There they emphasize premium eyewear, sandals, sneakers and shoes, casual beachside clothes, a great selection of swim wear and all the gear you need to make going to the beach, a breeze. Bottom-line, they wowed them! So much they opened another store this spring next to Claudio’s in Greenport! Now they’ve taken that same concept to none other than Atlantic City! Opening this month at the all-new Ocean Resort (former Revel) on the Board- walk they have a full-service store on the beach side and a beautiful boutique on the casino floor. A perfect fit for America’s original surf city, come on down! 33 The Plaza - Montauk & 36 Hill Street - Southampton - 631-283-2929 KAILANI Celebrating it’s 11th season as Montauk’s fa- vorite beach boutique, Kailani is the spot to find that perfect sum- mer dress, bathing suit or cover up. Featuring women’s clothing and swimwear from lo- cal and national lines, the shop also features men’s and women’s items and unique host- ess gifts and local art ware. Stop in to pick up a new out ] B\X[۝]ZKB[\܈[[HY Z[[H\]\][ž[HYYXZH\[][ۈHXX܂]YYK\]H[]H]ZZX[܈[[۝]ZXKX]\[[H[H[\X\Y\[]X\\[X\ܚY\H]ZZX[\\X]\ۋXX[\ۈ[ZHYܘ[\[[[[H Hܝ Z[[H\[\]YBXXY[[[ܙ[XX[]˜[[ˈ]YۈXZ[Y]]Y[B\H[[[۝]ZZH ̎P[۝]ZY^H H KM LMLN [۝]ZYHSH NBԑQSST“]YZY^H]Y[X\[\ۈ[[XY[]ۈHXZ[Y\XYH\[[[XXB\\H܈[[ۙHݙ\]܈XܙX][ۈ[ܝ \HH[\Y\HXZ[\\ۈ]\[Yܝ]Xو[Z][H^XZH\X[KY[YH[X[XKHHT8&\H\X K[KZ\[TU Z\ZH[\[YHH\B\و[ۙ[K[\[\XK [[ZYZ\ˈ^H[HX\ܚY\[\]XZHHܝˈ]YHوH\YX[BX[H\XH^H[\XH]^H[ XZ[Z[B[[\Z\[\Z\ۈ[\][[B\[HY][]^H[\X]]\][^H[[[[HH\]܈[\^\\K^X][ۜ[]˂[۝]ZY^B[XY[]KLM̍B[Y[\XX[\X\“]YۈXZ[Y]^\YK\]BYX\[[]\H[Hو[ݘ]]H[[\Y\X܈[YˈH[ݘ][ۂ[[Y[X\H[K\\H\˜\HۜXYH L HXXYXXˈX][HY\\YXY]H\H^YKX][™\Yۜ\HXYY[K]\\YBH[\[\X\YKX\YY]\[H\YۙY\ܝ[HZ] \\[][\YH [YܛXB\YۋHZ[وܜ[[\ܝY[و\\YۜXZ\\H\X[HX\]\[ۈ܈H[[Y\و N XYHقۋXY[ؘH]XX^x&\H\KBܝXH]HX\^H\H[H[K]\ \X܈HH[Z[H\x&\[HوX\܂Y[Y[[Yو[Y\˂̐[۝]ZY^H HLMLN M BSQHS“[܈Z\]\YBZYX\ۈ[B]\[ۙH\[^\[[˜X] ]Y\ٙXZ[Y][H\Z[[ BYH]H]HX][K\[\X\\]\X\ž[HH\[\›و[YH\[[\][ BKH^X\XHو[Y[\\[[H\[\\\HZ\[X[ۈوY Bx&\[[K[\][ۘ[][\YH[HX]\ BZ[[H\]\[YB \\HH[[ܝܙY][\˜[]X ]X[ܙK]\KB\H[H[\[HقH [H[[Y][[\]YH[XX[Z]\܂[\[܈HܙX]Y ^H[\HHXB[ۈو[\]Y\[XX\[Y[KBKܞ\[ Y [[ \H[[ܙH]HXYH[YH[H]ܚ]H][[\]ܜ[ZKHH[Z[[۝]Z[ˈ[YHH\š\XYH[۝]Z]ܚ]HY Ј[۝]ZY^H H KM N ˓[۝]ZYK