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REAL ESTATE: PROFILE 216 Old Montauk Highway Joan and Ray Hegner   JOAN HEGNER As much as “location, location, location” is the prime ingredient in real estate, “experience, experience, ex- perience“ is the essential element in a great real estate agent. Montauk certainly has its fair share of seasoned pros and younger agents on the way-up. But it is also fair to say that if you have to go with just one, Joan Hegner of the local Corcoran agency more than fit’s the bill.   THE EARLY DAYS Over the past 40 years Joan has sold hundreds of homes. From multi-million dollar oceanfront homes to more modest capes and colonials she has literally sold it all. A fair minded and straight-talking advocate who puts the needs of her customers above her own she and her husband Ray have earned dual reputations as two of the finest agents on the East End. Originally from the Westbury Joan graduated from the University of Colorado in 1975. But before taking that first step into adult life she decided “I thought I‘d come out to Montauk, just for the summer of ‘76!“ Just one fun summer, going to the beach, waiting tables, maybe find a few friends, and then back to the West Coast. Needless to day, it didn’t quite work out that way! One day she got an offer to become a salesperson with the old Craft Real Estate. Then one of Montauk’s many independent agencies she began to learn the ropes and the territory. With that came working with other agents, folks like Ray Hegner who had his own real estate and insurance agency under his own name. Another hard working, straight talking businessman Joan and Ray had a lot in common. 78 | Montauk Life | JULY 2018 So much so that a few years later they decided to open their own agency. In 1970 Sea and Sun Realty was born. Two natural salespeople with an agenda, it be- came a local powerhouse. Summer rental were a partic- ularly big part of the business back then. “One summer I remember we did 200 of them! Can you believe that?” You should. With a work ethic like few Ray and Joan make their three person office feel like a corporate en- tity. Funny thing, one day the real deal came to Mon- tauk. In 2004 the then dominant real estate firm Allan M Schneider added Montauk to their list of six East End offices. Realists as always, Joan and Ray saw that writing on the wall very clearly. They took down their sign, put their own brokers licenses in the drawer and merged with Schneider.   GOING CORPORATE Like any business marriage there were adjustments to be made. Going from being in charge to being part of a larger machine meant protocol, forms, reports and meetings that Joan and Ray never needed. No matter, they learned, adapted and before you could say “who’s selling more real estate in this office than Joan and Ray?” the answer was clear. Whether independent or corporate this pair could get the job done. Three years later mid-sized Schneider was acquired by mega-regional Corcoran and with it Ray and Joan. No problem, a larger firm simply meant an even better chance at practicing the art of real estate. No deal bet- ter personified than their sale of the infamous Bernie Madoff’s oceanfront home. The man who super-sized the Ponzi business in 2008 had acquired this beautiful cottage along with the rest of his ill-gotten gains. Needless to say the Feds wanted to squeeze every dime they could from that asset to help satisfy the swindled masses. And they wanted the best possible agents to get the job done. So they called Joan and Ray. A price of roughly $8 million was thought fair. By the time Joan and Ray were done it was sold for over $9 million! And even returning their commission to the Fed’s repayment fund did nothing to dent the Hegner’s overall sales that year. As with every year of the past decade they have been charter members of Corcoran’s multi-million dollar club! In fact Joan was the Montauk office’s Top Producer in 2012, 14,15 and 17!   THE PRESENT MARKET Joan sees today’s market as robust after a long and cold winter. “We just closed on a listing in Hither Hills for $6.3 million which tells me buyers are serious and willing to meet prices for what they want.” Of course that means different things to different buyers. “The Old Montauk Highway will always be the Gold Coast. That’s why our new exclusive at 216 Old Montauk High- way is drawing serious interest at $21 million”. No won- der, completely renovated and redesigned by world-re- nowned architect Thierry Despont it is one of the most exquisite beachfront properties in the Hamptons. As for homes in the starter range of $1-1.5 million, “interest there is very strong and I predict a great sum- mer season of sales”. With inventory beginning to build and price reductions in the still sticky $3-6 million range there is plenty of homes for qualified realistic buy- ers. And with mortgage rates beginning to tick back up “best to engage a seller now before someone else steps up to the plate”. THE FUTURE At a time many think about retiring, Joan is in the office every day. What keeps her going? “I’m lucky to have a career that I not only treasure, but most impor- tantly have been supremely fortunate to embrace and work alongside so many extraordinary and wonderful people!” People who have brought me such immeasur- able satisfaction and lasting friendships of which I will forever be grateful.” To this day Joan approaches her work with the same dogged dedication and zeal that started her, a short 40 years ago. If you are ever in the market to buy or sell here in Montauk you would be well advised to drop by her office and have a little chat. HX\[YH[H[ٚ]HH^\Y[K8˓[۝]ZYK