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REAL ESTATE: CONDO MANIA The Surf Club   BY THE SEA Another way of getting your feet wet, literally in this case, is to check out the many oceanfront co-ops for sale here. Located in what most folks think are the many large oceanfront motels that line the shores from Amagansett to the village of Montauk, two perfect examples are the downtown ROYAL ATLANTIC 631-668-5103 complex and the next door SURF CLUB. These are ideal solutions to anyone who wants a place to stay with no strings attached. Basically, pay your mon- ey, drop your bags and you’re ready to enjoy a day at the beach. Just step out the door and literally drop into the sand. Or hit the pool and grab a drink or bite to eat at the deck side bar/restaurant. Nothing could be easier or for most, more pleasant. The Royals Atlantic’s on-site staff takes care of overall maintenance, property care and staff- ing. All you have to do is pay your monthly maintenance and be sure what’s inside these good sized one bedroom, one bath efficiency kitchens units is taken care of. Looking to make a few bucks? Management is happy to rent your unit to the general public, do the daily clean- ing, and return a significant portion of the proceeds to you. Considering a days stay in season is $350 a day and up that can be quite a windfall for the right owner. At present there are a half dozen units for sale at the Roy- al Atlantic with prices ranging from $300-360,000 and monthly maintenance of $12K per year. Next door the larger units at the Surf Club command a somewhat larger price. Currently there are a number of large, contemporary, well-designed one and two bed- room units ranging from $800-900,000 with annual main- tenance of $16K. Again, costs can be off-set by renting your unit through the on-site management on a daily ba- sis. Use it, rent it, let your friends enjoy, a flexible way to have your spot on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Call their agent Ken Kalafut at 631-329-1233 Ext to find out how. ■ N e w Yo r k S t a t e l i c e n s e d t i c k - c o n t r o l s p e c i a l i s t s offering alternatives to harsh pesticides. Protect your family against dangerous Ticks and Mosquitos. Did you know that approximately 70% of people who contract Lyme disease each year are bitten by ticks in their very own yard? Or that according to scientists at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, “Tick-borne infections have reached epidemic proportions on Long Island, where children are disproportionately affected by Lyme disease and other infections transmitted by the eight-legged creatures”? Who knows Kids for how many dangerous, disease-carrying ticks are hiding in tall grass in your yard? Especially this summer, when according to experts, the tick population is again expected to explode! That’s why, for more than 20 years, East End Tick and Mosquito and Pets Control has provided the most If you’re planning an effective, environmentally- outdoor party, don’t let mosquitos ruin it. responsible tick prevention Protect yourself, your program possible. So don’t family and your guests take a chance with your with a safe, effective family’s health, call today party spray that uses for a free estimate. no toxic chemicals! her stewardship, most sold by her or her team. Currently she has three large one bedroom, one bath units on first and second floors facing onto the water for sale. All are well-decorated units offering full kitchens and baths and water view decks. Know that in this extremely hot mar- ket, where prime units are snapped up in a matter of weeks, these may not be available for long. Prices range from $575,000 - 639,000 with monthly maintenance of $630 for your share o b&W'GWVWB7FfbFBW"&W'GFW2B'FvvR`VVFVBBR667VFRW"FǒW7W&RvBR6( B67VFRVFR7GVǒfR2FPBV6Rb֖BVBB&Vv&FW'26'&rFfBWB&R6c3cc3cS`0V7BF3#BӓsfFVB&W7BW7@6G&bfP`06WFF#rӓswwrF66G&6Ч&RB2R"BR fFVB&W7@W7B6G&#pTŒ#FVƖfRsP