Montauk Life Montauk Life - July 2018 (5) - Page 74

REAL ESTATE: CONDO MANIA W hen you think of living in the Hamptons, I’d guess most folks see themselves spread out on a spectacular shoreline. It could be the bay or ocean but nothing conjures up a Hampton hideaway like the waves lapping at you own private home. Well, great dream but with an enormous price tag. Truth is, most waterfront homes here are 7 figure and up investments, far beyond the means of most. However, there are a number of waterfront spots that do offer far less expensive digs. To find most you’ll need to go out to Montauk, where local authorities allowed condo and co-ops to spread along the shore. The largest and most successful project in Montauk is located on the shores of Fort Pond Bay just north of the village. ROUGH RIDERS LANDING is a 147 unit proj- ect built in 1985 with a mix of contemporary designed Rough Riders Landing studio, one and two bedrooms units. Each good sized apartment has a traditional kitchen, full baths and water view deck. Open year round each is adequately insulat- ed, heated and cooled. Not an insignificant factor when you consider the brutal winter we just went through. The 31 acre grounds boasts H\و[Y[]Y\›[[۝]Z]܈[HX][ۈYK]KB[] L Y]وX]]Y[^H۝ ]H[BXX܈][][[H^XZ܈\XXXB[ˈH L ۙY\]Y\[H^KHܙX][\܈]H[] [\]B[ ]X]\[\\Y\[\[YH[^H[HB [KҘX^HY\[H ]H\H]K[X]\Y\HX[]Y\\B\\H\\وۙ\\\H\H[]][B\YYH\Xوۙ][ˈY[ۙ\]H B[]Y\[][]\[Hۙ][ۋ]8&\HX[Y[Y[8&\؈[YY\\H[[YBY^XH] X[H Y\H\XHHXX \Z\HY\Y\[]ݙ\B\^[X]\Z\[[]8&\ۙHوH[YB[Y]وۙ\\]\܈[HوH[ޙ[\ۙڙX[[۝]Z˂[H HYY\\Y[X[YYH[B[\\ˈۙ\[[\[\]][XXXX[Hܛ\\\XX[H[[&\Xۙ\\K8'H\\ۋ\]HX[H NNL8&\Hۛ\XH]\[[[ۙH]HZ[\HY\x'BHۛHۛH\KHۛœ[[]ˈޙ[و[]]H[Y[\[’QSBӈSԑHSӑHQBSPQSTBSTSSTTQTԂRSSTPSHQB K  H[^[H\[]Hٙ\Y]\ܙ[\\KۙHو[۝]Z&\\\Xܙ]ˈ[Z[[[\\]HYH][Y[ZH[H\H[[\ܛ]X]XKۛH]HZ[ۈ[X[Z[[\X[HYHۈ\ HXܙH P L [[\\H^\\H[\[[\XYHݙ\YHYY[\[[x&\Bݙ\܈[\XY [XY[^H\œ[][ۜ\]H[\XY\Y\˜[ݙ\ L YX\و^\Y[KX\X[[\“X[YH[\\ۂNLMˎNLLBX\X[[\ܘܘ[BPSSTԓ TUTSHTKS USӐSSSTUSӐSSTSBK̍ HSPQSVKB[۝]ZYHSH NB\]X[\[ܝ[]KHܘܘ[ܛ\\BX[YX[\]H\]Y] ̎Q[۝]ZK[۝]ZH LNMM˓[۝]ZYK