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REAL ESTATE: HOME IMPROVEMENTS PLUMBING  PERSONIFIED and inspection is highly recommended. And locally the folks to call are HAMPTON SEPTIC SERVICES 631-267-7515. Located in Amagansett they are the East End’s largest and best equipped waste water management firm. Equally capable of pumping out or maintaining commercial or residential systems they are just a quick call away. Getting water from point A to B is one of your homes most essential abilities. If your’s ever decides to call it quits there’s one company to call. Based in Montauk but with a fleet of trucks on the road from the Moriches to the Lighthouse MONTAUK PLUMB- ING 631-668-8499 has become one of this area’s biggest and best known plumbing and heating con- tractors. Whether you have a leaky sink or need to de- sign and entire home’s plumbing they have the manpower and skills to get the job done right the first time. Available for routine and emergency work they are as dependable as the Montauk Lighthouse itself. LEGAL EAGLE S ometimes what a homeowner needs is a good lawyer. To get that building permit they need to put on a new deck, clear an old CO issue, litigate a dispute with a neighbor or just better understand the many layers of law that affect home owner- ship here in this area. One you can rely on to give you the facts clear as a summer’s day is Montauk’s CHRIS CARILLO 631-668-2079. Born and raised here, he knows the “ins and outs” of every legal situation and will help you find the best solution to your problem. You’ll find him at his new office on Main Street, next to the MTK General Store, likely with his best bud Cane by his side. CLEAN  UP YOUR ACT If you like your home spic-and-span but find it hard to budget the time to get it done you need a clean- ing service. And not just any! Handing someone the keys to your kingdom and not knowing they are true professionals just isn’t the smart thing to do. One way to be sure is to call CATHERINE’S CLEANING 631-899-4007. Their teams of well-trained cleaners are not just reliable, responsible and professional, they’re bonded and insured. PUMP-OUT  TIME If there’s one essential service for your house its your septic system. A simple construction of a sep- tic tank to trap solid waste connected to cesspools to handle waste water when working properly an effective system can handle most any household waste. But over time solid waste build-ups in the septic tank, blocking the flow of water into the over- all system and leading to back-ups into your home. More than a nuisance there can be a total failure of the system requiring an expensive excavation and repair. To keep your system up to par an annual pump HOME  HELP!! Since so many home owners are away from their homes for days, weeks even months what happens when trouble strikes and they’re not here to re- spond? Fact is, it can be chaos or comfort. Make sure it’s the second by hiring a seasoned, professional, lo- cal home watching company like GRIFFITHS PROP- ERTY MANAGEMENT 631-377-9866. They’ll be your eyes and ears, making sure your home is safe and secure in times good or bad. ■ exper ts about what bugs you... Carpet Beetles Crickets Carpenter Ants Bed Bugs Rodents Centipedes Millipedes Moles... W e focus on pest problems common to eastern LI: rodent elimination; general spider and insect control; stinging-insect prevention treatments and nest removal; bed bug treatments; bat removal; vole and mole control; cockroach treat- ments and much, much more: spiders, ants, roaches, silverfish, fleas, wasps, bees, pantry pests, termites or rodents — we have the expertise, experience and advanced solutions to rid you of these pests. Even if you don’t have an immediate issue, we offer a free, no-obligation, thorough, whole-house pest inspection.* This free inspection will let you know if you have any pest problems or potential problems. At the very least, it will give you peace of mind. So don’t let any creepy crawlies bug you, call us today to find out how we can fix your pest problem. EAST HAMPTON 631·324·9020 FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING THAT BUGS YOU * WE HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON ( THERE ARE A LIMITED NUMBER OF FREE PEST INSPECTIONS AVAILABLE , SO DON ’ T WAIT ) JULY 2018 | Montauk Life | 73