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REAL ESTATE: HOME IMPROVEMENTS I f you are lucky enough to have your second home here in the Hamptons (or for some even their first) chances are you have a “to-do list” for chores around the old hacienda that can overwhelm even the most enthusiastic home owner. And as handy as even the most frequent Home Depot customer may be there’s always things that may need attention but from someone more specifically qualified to do it, than you. So, for those who need a handy man’s hand now and again here’s a quick list of folks who can take care of those most common household issues that need attention in the good old Summertime.   HOW GREEN YOUR VALLEY?   WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE No use having a lawn or landscaping if you can’t keep it well watered. All it takes is a short hot spell and your prized petunias wilt and your dogwoods begin to bark. Install a decent irrigation system and you’ll never be troubled by that! Relatively simple to install and maintain you can always count on the folks at Southampton’s IRRIGATION SOLUTIONS 631-205-5700 to get the job done right and main- tain what they install. DIVE  RIGHT IN! By now you should have peeled-off the cover and gotten the old swimming hole operational for the summer of 2018. You haven’t? No shame on you, just call up some of the area’s experts to get it go- ing or maintain what you’ve started. In Montauk J&P POOLS 631-668-7665 is the premier pool party able to open, fix and maintain you pool or spa as well as design and build a new one that will dazzle family and friends. In the Hampton proper there’s no better firm than SPARKLING POOLS 631-725-3983. Since 1986 they’ve built a reputation as the premier pool and spa firm on the East End with over 1000 clients from Southampton to Amagansett. Whether you need to maintain an existing pool or spa or build a new one they have the talent, expertise and time to execute your plan to perfection. You’ll find them in South- ampton Village on Hampton Road, next to their brand-new showroom for HARBOR HOT TUBS. COOL  IT, MAN After a hot summer’s day at the beach it is always nice to come home to a cool home. To keep that caloric balance on an even-keel make sure your A/C is up to seasonal snuff. Central A/C systems should be checked for proper coolant levels and leaks, win- dow units should tested and cleaned. Both could use new filters, a simple but effective way of keeping that cool breeze flowing even in the depths of summer. In Montauk the folks with the know are found on Main Street. PRADO BROTHERS PLUMBING AND HEATING 631-668-9169 will replace what’s dam- aged, upgrade what’s substandard and add what- ever new needs installing for this season. Ready for jobs large and small, licensed and insured they’ve been at this for a cool 50 years. In the rest of the East End call GRANT HEATING AND COOLING 631-324-0679. Located in East Hampton they have a fleet of trucks and qualified technicians to maintain, repair, replace or install your cooling or heating system. If you have any issues with buds budding, leaves growing, hedges blooming or flowers opening you are not alone. Spring’s below normal temps and above average rain has kept the East End’s normally lush by now landscaping looking threadbare. But not to worry, a few weeks warmer weather and some good old TLC will bring things round! For help call the folks at the East End’s newest garden center, FOLWER’S 631-283-5515. You’ll find them in Southampton Village on N. Sea Road, just a block south of McDonalds where they carry every- thing you‘ll need for a flourishing lawn or garden. And if you need help to the east, Bridgehamp- ton’s MARDER GARDEN CENTER 631-537-3700 is the largest nursery and landscaping business in the Hamptons. From installing 60’ specimen trees to planting petunias they have the products, stock, manpower and expertise to make a bare plot of land an English garden. At Twin Forks Pest Control, we’re Spiders proudly helping keep montauk’s roads clean and pristine. Ants Cockroaches Flies Silverfish Stinging Insects W hether it crawls, flies or walks, if it bugs you, call us and we’ll make it disappear! At Twin Forks Pest Control — eastern LI’s family-owned pest removal experts — we offer the most thorough and proven methods to elim єɕ䁍Ʌݱ́ɽչ)ȁ]ѕٕȁѡѡɕаѡɅ͕)ѕ́Qݥɭ́AЁ ɽٔѡɽ̴)ͥʹѵЁѼqЁɥӊtѼє)ȁɽե䁅ѱ丁]ѡȁԁ)ѡЁԁٔ͵Ёɽȁхѥ)ݔ܁ѡЁȁݽɬݥፕȁхѥ̸)Yѕ) ЁA) ɽ(ȁ5хլ1)U1d$)Qɵѕ)M=UQ!5AQ=8 )ܹ5хխ1