Montauk Life Montauk Life - July 2018 (5) - Page 66

RESTAURANT ROUND UP: EAST END W hen you’re looking for a great meal there are many a place to choose. Here’s a quick look at some of the very best from East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Southampton and more.   BAY BURGER A perfect stop for the best burgers in the Hamp- tons. Freshly made from premium beef, served on home-made buns, done anyway you like them it is the classic, All-American meal. Top it off with a scoop or cone of their heavenly, home-made ice cream and you’re in comfort food heaven. Get one free every Wednesday with your lunch or dinner! Like a little music with your meal? Every Thursday they feature the hottest live jazz on the East End. 1742 Sag Harbor/Bridgehampton Turnpike Sag Harbor - 631-899-3915   BUDDHA BERRY YOGURT CAFÉ A roaring success since its first Montauk branch opened in 2013 this larger, year-round location in Sag Harbor has proved even more popular! Serv- ing gourmet yogurt and more in the heart of the vil- lage enjoy a mid-boggling 100 toppings, an array of sandwiches, a fresh fruit bar, real Italian coffees, authentic Belgian waffles more treats. 123 Main Street - Sag Harbor - 631-808-3888   COVE HOLLOW TAVERN Opened last June this is the second in a line of eateries from the highly regarded folks at the Vine Street Café in Shelter Island. Here they’ve taken over the old Café Max just outside East Hampton Village and turned in into a white washed, dark beamed home for food lovers. The menu emphasizes fresh lo- cal fish and seafood with Mediterranean and French touches. With a reputation for fine food and gentle hospitalization reservations are highly suggested. 85 Montauk Hwy - East Hampton - 631-527-7131   BISTRO ETE Tucked away in the Water Mill Square this is a charm- ing retreat that offers food in a very unique way. Zagat recommends it highly as “refined yet unpretentious French seafood cuisine in a cozy, understated space with a small sidewalk patio strung with fairy lights!” Serving dinner daily with an emphasize ۈH[\H[ [H\Y[ܙYY[XX\\˜H[\]YHܙX][ۋX]HۛH[X[\B[YX]]\ٞH]8&\X[[ˈ\YX\]\Y\Y][^[[ۈ]Y[ܙBH܈YH[[[]]H][˂͌[۝]ZH H]\Z[ H KML NL BSSQBݙ\[H[][[\ۈ^\\KB\YH\\X܈H\X[[܈[\XX[^[[H\\[\[XY[\^[]܈؜\\]\[Hٙ[YY۝H][\Y] [H][YHHޞHKB\Y][[H܈ۈHX[\]\Y]™Xˈ[܈[[[\[x&[[[H]H[\ۈ]\ܘYX\[HۈH\YHقH[X[[ ]ۈ[K[\ۈ^\ H KM̌LMMBUQx&T•H\\\ܝ[][\ۈ[YKH[\X[H[ˈ\[ܙ[[H[ \\XH B\H]^Y\[Z]\]Z[XHۂHYX\\[\\]H[ ]Z[YY˜Y\HY\8&\]\HYY ]\\[H]\[œXH܈X[[ܜܘ]H[[ۜ\B[X[ [و\H[و\H[YYB\]\[ݚYH]\][HH]KBYۘXHX\HXZ٘\\[\^K[ ۙH[[HX^Hۛˈ]\]\[\[HXXH]Yx&\\[[[X]B]ٙ\HYH[[Y[H]\ٞH[[[ۙx&\\K[YܙXH\\[ۙHوB[^\]H[Y\[H[H]X]\\[ BܘYY\\]\][^HۈHX[[H]\[\ˈ[܈XZ٘\ [[[\HXX\[ܙH[[YH\KLH[Y] H][\ۈ H KL ML KK SSQTTB\YX\&\[\وH8'HX]\x'H[KBY\Y\Z\\X[Y[H[[Y]H[K][]\[]\\KH[\\HY[\KH\\][ۜ[\XKHXKZY]^K[HۛH]HۘKY[]H\]KB[ۈ\\ۙHوH[\\]\[[[Y\XK\YK[[۝ۙ ]\\]Hو[›\وX\X]YZ[\YX\\[[\Z[K H[YY HX\[\ۂRTVHTUTS܈XY\[[\]ܜ]Hۛۂ\H܈H\XZ٘\[[[ۋ]YۈH؛YH\H\]B[H\]H\Y[Z\Y\[XX[Y[[] SHZ[K\[XZ٘\[^H[[[]HY\ۈKM[۝]ZY^KX\[\ۂKMLKML SUSS•HY[\H][ܚ]H\]\[Y\‘X\[\ۈ\YX\]Yݙ\[[܋BXHۙ\ HZ[H\وH[YH\Y][ۂZ^\H[^\][]H]X[]H[H][X[ ܘX[\[[[\\]]H\XH]H[ܙB\X[ [^Y][\KH\XXH܈BZ\\[K^\[\[\H]\܈]XX[]KB[] \[[\Z[K\\][ۈ\HYBY\Y LZ[ۙHY HX\[\ۂKMN NLLHTSSPBH\^H[H\XH\]Yۈ[۝]Z’Y^H]Y[X\[\ۈ[YZ[\ Bۋ[Z[HH LPSKLLTH]H[\^BوY][ۘ[][X[[Y\[H[Y\œ^H܈ˈYY]\HY^H\H܈\YYH[Z[O\[ZXY[^x&[]HH[[BZ[وܙX]XYHHBML[۝]ZY^H HX\[\ۂKMLLSSQTS\\X]YX]\H\ۙHقHY\]و Mݚ[][[ܙH[\\H[[Y\و N[[ˈX[[ܙX] Y\YZ\[B][[Y[[[][[\ۛY[ ٙ\[ۘ[[[Y[\YY\][KB[ۜY\ܸ&Sx&TUSST KM̍KLL \Z\Y][KB\[[[X]H[]Y]\[Y[X\ۂۙˈ[[Y\\[]HY\\H\[^\[[]\][B\ Z\HH\[Y\\ \[[]\KX^H^HH\Y] [X][˜[[XXH\\ܚ\Z[B[۝]ZYHSH NBSԑQQSŒދ H\HY\°Hދ H[\H\\ L L HZ^و]\[Y\Bދ H[HX[\[[B\\ Hܙ[H]\“[[ۈY[[YY\BZ^H[HY\[\H\\[] B\[HYY][HZ\[Y]XH[ZH[ \[H\\ZY\[[[H]H[K\\]H[[ۈY[[H\H]\YۈBX˂˓[۝]ZYK