Montauk Life Montauk Life - July 2018 (5) - Page 63

RESTAURANT ROUND UP: MONTAUK new, Poke Bowl station. Amongst the healthiest food on the planet have one of their custom creations or make your own mix of rice, grains, vegetables and more. 448 West Lake Drive - 631-238-5707   SHAGWONG When is something new, but old? Dependable but innovative? Sexy but familiar? Outside of your old high-school flame I’d say this venerable eatery and bar more than fits the bill! Standing tall on Main Street for over 70 years this has been a home-away from home for generations who always appreciated its raw, casual, cozy charm. Now under Jason Behan watchful eye, they added a new dining dimension last year by im- porting Chef Darren Boyle, the man who made Shelter Island’s “Salt” the place to be seen. Serving the finest, premium, aged steak choices to the freshest seafood, fish and lobster entrees in Montauk they are open dai- ly for lunch and dinner and of course late-night for a cold one. Like music? It’s live or DJ’s every Friday and Saturday. 774 Main Street - 631-668-3050 heart desires! Looking for great casual food, the boys offer a full fledged menu that covers all the bases: fin- ger food like wings, potato skins and nachos; hearty soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers as well as an entrée list that embraces fresh local fish, prime steaks and chicken dishes. FB&fW"b'&Wr&WgbG&氧7V62w&VBƗfRVFW'FVBBFRvB2W"ЦfV7BVf"V6BFW"FǒFR&.( 2VFD6F( B&R6&WBG&rV&ǒ@7FrFR7G&VWBFVc3ccStU5DRd4U4P6FVBBFRvW7BR&&vBWBFFPF62F2&W7FW&B2FBBFVf&R6Ц&VBvFWrBfFfRv2F6W'fR6VfB6B6FR"WG6FRBFRF66FR&"BvF6&G26RvFFV"6F6FRVRfVGW&W2g&W666VfBg&W67W6f6b626vFW"@&r&"WfVG2VRf֖ƖW2&R&RFvV6RƗfRW62WfW'F6V6&W6W'fЧF2&WV&VB3S"vW7FRG&fRc3ccd43CsBT4UdTD0V6bFW 4ETvRrFRGV2w&VB6RFw&"G&氦fW&rFR6VVWBWrBBg&VG2Ɨ2ЧFVF6RbFR&W7BW62FVBfP&'WBfB2W7B2W76VFVVVBFFPGV( 2VBF2V"FW( fRFV&VBFvFBvFf&WGbWr&w&2BFV27F'@vFw&VB&RfRFW"6W'fVB7VFFFW'2ЦFg&Rf"ǒC#B㓒fRW'2FP&"fW&rFRvfW2FV"WFF FV6ƖRW"W62VBB&VBG&'7VЦF2f"6VG'vB6W'frV6BFW"Fǐg&FR&"2VFDC2VW'6c3cCrӃ3B2WFfRc3cc#wwrVFF6С5trT5@6V'2vWr&VVBW&RFw&VB7V2Ц6W72&6VBf"G2fB6W'f6RBf6F2&& g&B7B26v66Rf"6VbvW"W2F6>( 07VƖ'v2&Vǖr6f&W'2f"6V6ǐf&R&GV6R6f6W&Vf"FRg&W6W7B6F6bFRFB&V7WƖW'2f"&62w&VFVG2PB27FfbGW&WBfFfRf&RWV'G26rЦB7FW"6VbRvWBFvF6FV"7FW'g&g&B&r6VBBFRV"F6VvRFWGW&WB6RbFR&W7B6FR6VfBf6@6Vf6FvfRW"VFV"'W7F267VWF6&"FR7VG&V6VBFV6BvЧFW'6F^( VFvRFB6RbFR&W7B7W7F66F0FVFǒ7V62ƗfRW626V67@WfW'vBbFRvVVB6RbFR&W7BfWw2`FR&&"BRrvF22RbFRGFW7@&2FvCsBvW7BRG&fRc3ccӃ3C@DR@6VV'&FrG2FV"2FV( 2ff&FP7'G2&"FRB2FVF6FVBFFRFV6FVFǒФW&6&6FFBR6ǒ6( BvWBVVv&B6VvR&6V&&6WF&6WBFw2FWF27F6FVBFRV'BbFRfЦvR6F6FRvW2֖B&vvƖrbf@67&VVEn( 2v&VBFWfW'7'G2WGv&W"ƗGFPwwrFVƖfR6АcgFfW'6'66RS 4RbtddRU4P( "vffW2vFg'VB"6R7&V`tUEDTe$TRtddU2D( "7&WW2fVBvFg&W6g'V@( "g'VBfVB6W0( "f&WGb6W0( "Bf6VBg&V6F7@( "Vvw2&VVF7@( "VvrvFRVWN( 0( "f&WGbVWN( 0( "BFR'W&vW'0( "w&0( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( &vV2Bf6G0w&0w&VV6@6Vn( 26@&V֗V6R7&VХ6F2BfG07VFW07FVBVvw06VG'g&VB7FV( W7B7FFV66RS.( Ф%$Td5B24U%dTBDVV"Bt6&W"b7G&VWBB2V&77c3ccӓsPTŒ#FVƖfRc0