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RESTAURANT ROUND UP: MONTAUK rant where an innovative menu of local seafood, fish and lobster rivals any room in town. Like sushi? There’s simply no better place to have a custom roll or a full platter of your choice. Combining panoramic views with superb food and professional service today’s Gosman’s more than earns its place amongst the very best restaurants in the East End. Serving lunch and dinner daily. West Lake Drive - 631-668-5330   GRINGOS BURRITO GRILL Looking for fresh, healthy Mexican food? Located on the east end of Main Street everything here is made- to-order, prepared right in front of you. Start with a heaping helping of lime chicken, marinated steak or shredded pork. Add handfuls of shredded lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, guacamole and our house made salsas. Top with the sauce of your choice and enjoy one of the great casual meals in all of Montauk! Grab a seat indoors, a table on their lawn or pick-up on your way to the beach. They serve burritos, burrito bowls, soft and crispy tacos as well as taco salad. Grab a cold beer or glass of sangria to go with your meal. Need a hearty breakfast? They’ve got you covered, just one more rea- son to ease your way down Main Street this season. 805 Main Street - 631-668-7500   GURNEY’S MONTAUK Set overlooking the ocean the three restaurants here have always been a popular destination. This year ex- pect an altogether new experience when the famed 60 | Montauk Life | JULY 2018 LDV Hospitality begins to oversee all of the food and beverage operations throughout the property. You may not know the name, but they operate some of the most critically praised and sought after rooms in the coun- try. If you’ve had the pleasure of eating in NYC’s Azure, Scarpetta, American Cut, or Barchetta you have a fore- taste of the kind of hospitality they will bring to Gur- ney’s in Montauk. If not, expect to be dazzled by their trademark “La Dolce Vita” approach to food and fun. 260 Old Montauk Highway - 631-668-2345   HOOKED NEW! If you loved the food at the Napeague Clam Bar in Amagansett you’ll love this cozy spot. Located just block from the beach in the center of Montauk this spot is owned and operated by the same master chef who ran the Clam Bar. Here he brings a decades plus experience creating great seafood centered meals that appeal to every taste and price point. Of course, they’ll be lobsters in rolls, entrees and to-go options. Add a black board full of seasonal plates, familiar specials and imaginative dishes and you’ll see why this newly opened newcomer has created a loyal following fast! 34 S. Etna Avenue - 631-668-2111 commercial fishermen who run the commercial dock located here it rightly built a solid following for the freshest possible fish and seafood in town. From the familiar bass, fluke and lobster to more exotic tile fish, porgie and John Dory, there’s something for everyone who loves fresh local fish. Throw in some of the best sushi on the East End plus a good selection of steaks and meats and you’ve got choice choices galore. Enjoy your meal with one of the best water views anywhere with floor to ceiling views of the bay, inlet and harbor. And be sure to linger for a drink in the bar room with a great view of the Inlet and the passing boats. Serv- ing lunch and dinner daily plus their hugely popular Sunday brunch. East Lake Drive - 631-668-4272   LAST HOPE LAGOON It’s 14 years since this magical oasis opened in the heart of the Royal Atlantic Resort on th )əհѡɕхɅЁѡЁɅѕ́ѡݡͥ)х5хլɵ-ѥȁٔ)ݥѠ͕ͥ͠ѱȰMȁ]]̸1)́Ёѡ͔ͽհѕ́ݕɔɅѕ啅)䁱A͕%ͼȁѡЁ)ѡeٔ啐ѡȁѽѡȁѡ(ll%91PM==IMQUI9P)ѡ́ͅɽ́ݡeٔхѼѡ)1ѕЁѡѡɉȁЁ1)ɵɽչ́ɕЁ䁙ɔ͕ٕ)ɥٕٔɱѡ݅ѕȁѡ́ѥհɽ)ɔIѡɽȁѡ͕ѡȁɕ٤)ձȁЁȁ٥ͥѽ́́ͥ)х镐ёȁ٥܁ȁ Dݡ)M}U10)A % ==,()Ёظ=ݹ)Ʌѕ)мȼ)ѡ)ͥA4A)ѡ܁ԁɕѕ ե1ݥѠ)Qмȼ)95M55dL)!=Q0U9LIM=IQL!5AQ=89d)M1MAIM=8)9PMM%9H)IQ%MP1`M1d\ !9L)ܹ5хխ1