Montauk Life Montauk Life - July 2018 (5) - Page 59

RESTAURANT ROUND UP: MONTAUK I t is summer and Montauk has more places to eat per square mile than any other area. Casual or so- phisticated, simple or complex, familiar or exotic you’re sure to find a room to suit your tastes, budget and style. Here is a quick guide to the best of the best.   668 GIG SHACK One of our most popular sidewalk cafes boasts a ca- sual, hip atmosphere the young, smart set craves. The menu features a creative, tropically themed surf cuisine that’s heavy on fresh local fish and seafood. The bar offers a slew of custom cocktails, craft beers, fine wines and barkeeps who know how to keep the crowd happy. As the name more than implies, live music is a staple with folk, rock, pop, reggae and original tunes on tap. Serving lunch and dinner daily, brunch on weekends stop by and see why the crowd who knows, knows to linger here. 782 Main Street - 631-668-2727   GOLDBERG’S Anyone who knows East End comfort food knows Goldberg’s. With locations in East Hampton, South- ampton, Westhampton Beach they’ve spread the gos- pel of great comfort food from one end of the Hamp- ton’s to the other. In Montauk they even offer three convenient locations, one in the village just south of Main Street, another between the village and Amagan- sett and just opened their new outpost at the head of the harbor in what was for many, many years the Four Oaks. Enjoy the same fresh made bagels, home-made soups and full deli here, too! Open from 6AM till 3PM   ANTHONY’S PANCAKE HOUSE For 66 glorious years this tried and true spot has put more eggs, pancakes, waffles, bagels w/lox, old fash- ioned French toast and freshly brewed coffee in front of more people than any other spot in town. For a real treat, try the crepes, they’re filled with fresh fruit, and topped with real whipped cream. Waffles are made to order, hot off the iron–top them with ice cream or berries. Breakfast is available all day, and lunch begins as soon as you’ve finished your eggs. Count on the handmade burgers, gyros, salads and sandwiches to be hearty and delicious, the prices reasonable and the service at your service. New this year a delicious honey bowl filled with home-made granola, Greek yogurt and fruit and the always hip Ascei Bowl, with rice, locally available fruit, berries, and assorted toppings. S. Embassy and Main Street - 631-668-9705   DURYEA’S DOCK Located on the beautiful shores of Ft. Pond Bay this is one of the most popular, waterfron B&W7FW&G0FRV7BVBffW&r6&֖r'W7F2WF6fVVB&vRvFW&g&BFV6VRf6W&RFG&vf6VB7V6WG2B&VWFgV66VW'F@'&BVRFB6VFW2g&W6f6B6VfBখvFfR&V6W2FvvFv2W&fV7B'7FW 6W'fVBf&WGbv2VFW"FRvF6gVWPbWV7WFfR6VbW'&R7VG&Rg&V6FfRv'&VvBGvFV6FW2WW&V6RfW"7F"&W7FRЧ&G2g&֖֒Fg&V6ǖW6F&V"Vf"V6FW"BFRWB'&vRbFP&W7BbBBWrFVcRGWF&Bc3cc#CwwrFVƖfR6Аt4( 2D4&RF&W7FW&BF&FBƗFW&ǒW@FVFRv7G&֖26WB&W6FRFR&& WBFR76r&G2W"W'6&FR&FP66Rg&FR67VWFF"6&""f&&W2ЧFW&BFRf'7B27V7Ff"&6WBbg&VB66VfBg&W6ǒFR'7FW"&"BFrB7Wb&V֗V6R7&VFR6V6B2gV6W'f6R&W7FRФfW"6F2F6W'fRPg&V7BFFFVvF&W&~( 0fW0DUrFW"WrVFW'2FrG2frF2WB6FVBBFR'&VW'2FVFPBFVvvW7BvW7BbFRfvRF20'FW'6bW&6WGFbg&V6FФW&bGVR&W6'G2B6'&VR&6WGBF0v&RB&66l:B&"vFVF֗6w&"ЦBvFV22vV26ffVR'&Vf7BV6@&^( &V666F2Vr֖BWV7BFVЧF6FƗR&vR6VfWrFV6FV6VB6V@BvBFV"&ƗGFFVƗfW"FRvG2DR%$TU%2scBFVvvc3cc#S#PFǒ6R'f"'&Vf7B"V6B6VRvFPƖW27F'BFf&262FR7V6W2W#2WF7G&VWBc3#3Ss`FVƒ&vV2fvV0FVƖ6W2'&Vf7B6Gv6W2FVƒ6Gv6W26G0WFvFW&r6&&VVbb7G&֒bFǒ7V60VdFEFǐV7BFFv&@c33#Ӄ3VwVP#FVwc3#crSSS wwrvF&W&w6fW26ФFV#2WFfPc3#3Ss`FVf֖vG c3C2S`DTU@DT( "$U5DU$B( "$ UEEWfW'FW'6FbӕФ$"TrD0U"2RФDe$DĕdRU40VǒbR672VǒrFR2.( 0VǒB&VVǒ##"FW"&&Vǒ#"#rF'&FW'2&@4U%dpT4bDU DŐd$U5DR$B( "DT( "c3ccS TŒ#FVƖfRS