Montauk Life Montauk Life - July 2018 (5) - Page 52

MONTAUK NIGHT BEAT W ith summer at hand I know many a reader is just bursting at the seasonal seams to paint the town red. Well, then you have to come to Montauk! Although the furthest east of the Hampton’s watering holes it is the epi-center of after- hours fun for most. If you are inclined to kick-up your summer heels here is a list of the best rooms in town.   668 GIG SHACK They don’t call it a gig shack for nothing, my man. Whether it’s an impromptu performance by a friend or a full blown appearance by one of the area’s best troubadours there’s almost always live music at this popular Main Street spot. Jazz, blues, folk, rock or hop the Shack has a sound fit just for you. Drop by for lunch or dinner and stay for a pop at the bar or a sidewalk table you’ll find yourself in comfortable surroundings with familiar faces. 782 Main Street - 631-668-2727   ALL DAY NEW! Located at the Breakers Motel, on the Old Montauk Highway just west of the village, this is a partnership of Leyla Marchetto of Navy Beach, Tom Hermann of Dune Resorts and local Brielle Rockett. Just opened they feature a laid-back café and bar with heathy-ish grab-and-go items as well as coffee, breakfast, lunch and apre’ beach cocktails. Open to the public and capitalizing on the large ocean view deck, decent sized pool and lawn they are delivering a fresh slice of seasonal fun. THE BREAKERS - 769 Old Montauk Highway 631-668-2525   GURNEY’S The East End’s largest resort offer international en- tertaining in a local venue. Nationally acclaimed LDV Hospitality is here to make this oceanfront resort the hottest spot on the East End. And when to comes to a cold one, they’ve brought in the very best. The new REGENT CLUB is acclaimed bartender Julio Cabrera’s contribution to this effort. Modeled after Cabrera’s Regent Cocktail Club in Miami, voted best hotel bar in the world by Tales of the Cocktail, sip a selection from the classic custom cocktail menu while you enjoy the eclectic selection of live music and a great weekend DJ. With warmer weather relax at the BEACH CLUB, 1000’ feet of private oceanfront lined with beach chairs, lounges and day-beds. En- joy access to their beachfront Bar and Grill for light fare and seasonal drinks. Saturdays in season they’ll host a ticketed BBQ with fresh seafood and grilled classics. 290 Old Montauk Highway - 631-668-2345   INLET SEAFOOD If you’re looking for a great view to go with a cool drink this is it. Perched at the head of the harbor with a panoramic view of the Sound the sunsets are sim- ply gorgeous. Especially when enjoyed from the water view bar room. Just sit back and relax with a cold cock- tail and enjoy the show, the fireplace and the company. East Lake Drive - 631-668-4272   MONTAUKET One local hang that has remained largely un- changed by passing fads or time. From the room length mahogany and brass bar, polished to a deep glisten by many a bent elbow, to the faded photos of vintage fishing boats long gone to Davy Jones locker this is the real deal. Perched on top a cliff overlook- ing the bay linger over a cold one and enjoy one of the finest views on the East End. Pick out a vintage tune from the juke box. Rock out to the best local bands in the land. And settle back into a real bar in a real town. 88 Firestone Road - 631-668-5992   NAVY BEACH One of the few restaurants actually on the water this natural gathering spot has been a natural home- away from home since it threw open its breezy doors five years ago. Called “a perfect destination for sum- mer dining” by the NY Times and “one of the top 5 water view dining spots on the East End” by News- day the only thing better than the food is the after- hours scene. Live music, great scenery, imaginative drinks and spectacular sunsets beckon. 16 Navy Road - 631-668-6868   SALT BOX Now in its fourth year this casual spot has earned a reputation for great seafood and fish served up in creative and appetizing style. They also boast one of the great bars, with a cocktail menu that will knock your Stoli socks off! Throw back a few while enjoying some of the best live music in town. 99 Edge Mere Road - 631-238-5727   SLOPPY TUNA Since it flung open its doors six years ago the Tuna has been known far and wide as a great place to have a party! Located a stone’s throw from the ocean the breezy top deck offers a panoramic view of the Atlantic while inside the hall-wide bar is tuned to all the best games. Downstairs the patio bar is a sunny spot to grab a cold one with friends. Ev- erywhere there’s the same casual, come-as-you-are atmosphere, great drink menu, lively music and sea of friendly faces. Like your music loud and proud, drop by Sundays for Country Night! Serving lunch and dinner daily from noon-10PM the bar is open till 4AM. 148 S. Emerson - 631-647-8000   THE POINT Every town needs a place where, dare I say it? Everyone knows your name. Where you leave your troubles at the door. Where good friends are al- ways found and new ones made. Where laughter is the plate-du-jour. With a great looking staff, in- novative drink specials and tasty bar treats this is Montauk éٽɥє́ȸ]ѡȁԁ)ȁȁݥѠѡѡȀ)Ё͍ɕ́ȁչȁɽѡ)Ёɑ́ѽݸ)ѡ́ȁхeԁݽeЁ)MMչ́ݥѠ(Y,́ɥ(āA4Ѽ͔=QՕ͑́ѕЁȁݱ)ݥѠQɥ٥9аݡ]͑́ӊé)9ЁݥѠɥ́ɸЁѡ])Q͑́ȁͥչ́)( )5MɕЀĴ(ll]MP1-%M !=UM)=ٕɱѡ́ѡ́́݅́)ձȁЁȁєѕɹɥѕȁ͡)ȁɕ䁍хѕȁɬѕȁ)ѡѡ́䁍ɹȁ]Ё1ɥٔ ͔)ɽѡѥѕɥȁɽȁ͕ЁЁѡ݅ѕ)٥܁ȁѡѥ ѠɅЁ)хɽѡȁѥٔЁȁЁͱх)ȁٕȁѼԸˊéѼѡͽչ)ͽЁٔѕхЁ5хլ)ٕ䁍ɽݐ܁́݅)Ѽ䁕ٕ䁑䁽(ȁ]Ё1ɥٔĴ)M =I)\)䁹ЁЁЁѡ%M)ȁ͡ѽɹЁ́ͽ)ѡЁ፥ѥ́ѡՉ]Ѡ)䁝́ɽ܁ѥ)ձԁԁэѡ)́ЁЁɕхɅ̰́ݥѠ)ɥ́́ɕɽ9 ѡ)ѼѡMQչѡ)Ёѕ)ѡ͍ɕ́䁅͡ѕѠ׊e)(ȁ5хլ1)U1d$)ܹ5хխ1