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MONTAUK SUMMER DRINKS W ith the summer sun fully overhead, days are warmer, nights balmier and many a local tavern becomes a natural destination for a cooling drink. When that inclination hits know there are many a patented potable in Montauk that can drive away your thirst with a customized concoction. Here are five sure to more than just wet your whistle.   PAIN KILLER One of the most dependably fun spots in Montauk the MONTAUKET 631-668-5992 has seen genera- tions of revelers pass through its wide open doors. Sitting at the edge of the bay bluff, sporting the most spectacular sunsets in town its bar is renowned for its creative frozen, mixed and stirred concoctions. Here is one that will take the sting out of a summer’s day or cure a stubborn hangover. INGREDIENTS 2 Oz. Coco Lopez 2 Oz. Diplomatico Rum 4 Oz. Orange Juice 4 Oz. Pineapple Juice Nutmeg Mix the juices and rum in a tall shaker and mix well. Pour over cracked ice in a tall glass and garnish with a dash of nutmeg.   MTK HARD LABEL PEACH ICED TEA Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year GOS- MAN’S 631-668-2549 owes much of its luminous longevity to the creativity and consistency of its staff and owners. No detail too small to be overlooked, no problem that is left unresolved, generations have eaten and drank here knowing they leave one of the finest restaurants on the East End. This simple but delicious brew is made of Montauk’s newest home spirit, deftly wielded by master bar keep, Terry. The secret is to use home-made, non-sugared iced tea and a tiny bit of simple syrup for a crisp finish. INGREDIENTS 2 Oz. - Montauk Hard Label Peach Whiskey 4 Oz. - Fresh Home Made Unsweetened Iced Tea Splash - Simple Syrup (50/50% mix of water & sugar) Fill a tall chilled glass with cracked ice. Add the whiskey, iced tea and simple syrup. Mix and enjoy.   SHIPWRECK When it is this hot, nothing satisfies like a frozen drink. Soothing, cooling and refreshing, bring it on! This very carefree concoction comes from Kim the owner and mater mixer at one of Montauk’s best kept secrets, THE LAST HOPE LAGOON 631-668-1511. Located at the Royal Atlantic Resort, for the past 14 years the downstairs restaurant is always open to the public for a great breakfast or lunch while just a few steps away the ocean side, poolside bar and grill has become a favorite gathering spot for those who want the fun and sun without the hassle of rowdy crowds and drooling drunks. Open to the public for lunch and dinner pair a great casual meal with a cooling drink like this, and ah, bliss awaits. INGREDIENTS 2 Oz. - Bullet Bourbon 4 Oz. - Sour Mix ¼ Cup - Fresh Blackberries Cracked Ice Slice of Fresh Pineapple Add the bourbon, sour mix and berries to a blender filled with cracked ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into a tall cocktail glass and garnish with the pineapple. a huge hit over it’s now decade long exis- tence. This take on the classic margarita is a tasty way to start a meal, a romance or a party with best friends. INGREDIENTS 2 Oz. - Volcan Blanco Tequilla 1 Oz. - Fresh Lime Juice 2 Raspberries muddled 2 Blackberries muddled Drop the berries into a tall shaker, add the lime juice and muddle (crush and mix) well. Add the tequila and crushed ice, shake well and serve in a well-chilled highball glass. Navy Beach’s Margaregna   MTK SPRITZER Sometimes simpler is very much better and this well conceived cocktail proves that point in sum- mer spades. Designed by the ever lovely Liana Mandrika at WEST LAKE FISH HOUSE 631-668-FISH it mixes our most popular locally sourced whiskey with France’s most popular aperitif for a light, bright, slightly sweet drink you’ll never tire of. Have one with a plate of creatively prepared sushi or sashimi overlooking the docks for a little slice of heaven, Montauk style. INGREDIENTS 1 Oz. - MTK Hard Label Whiskey 1 Oz. - Aperol 1 Oz. - Fresh Lemon Juice ½ Oz. - Honey Syrup 1 - Slice Fresh Orange Mix the whiskey, Aperol, lemon juice and honey in an ice filled shaker and blend well. Strain into a tall glass filled with ice, garnish with a slice of orange.   MARGAREGNA Some of Montauk’s prettiest views comes from the vantage point of NAVY BEACH 631-668-6868. Set on the 1000’ of Ft. Pond Bay facing due north the views of sky, sea and sunset is simply breathtak- ing. Add a jaunty, nautical décor, creatively curated fish and seafood menu, and a social swirl that’s as potent as any cockta [[[HۛH]\Y[TSBBY[ۙH][ܙH[H]XY\™^\Y[H][[ۈ[HH\ܙ H\Y[]\KY[ˈ\x&\›[ܛۙ]][H[YH[B][ˈ]H\H[H^\B\Yۘ]Y]\[Y\[^YHۈ[\[ BX[Z]][ۜˈ[HX^H[[H[[˜[[ۙH[\H\]]] ][B[HXYY܈H܈BL[۝]ZYHSH NB˓[۝]ZYK