Montauk Life Montauk Life - July 2018 (5) - Page 47

ON THE WATER S urrounded by oceans and bays the Hamptons offer a variety of ways to enjoy local waters few other areas possess. Best of all, you don’t actually have to own a boat to go! We have a number of provid- ers who can outfit you for a seaside voyage or take you along for a ride of your vacation life. Here are a few that are more than up to the task.   RED SAILS IN THE SUNSET When you’ve got a big stable fishing platform there are other things you can do with it to entertain the visit- ing folks. Like having a heck of a sunset cruise, huh? With old man sol sinking into the westerly waters Montauk of- fers a perfect view of that spectacular show. If you care to go there’s three great options down at the docks. The EBB TIDE 631-668-2818 has not one but two, 70’ blue water party boats that can bring you into the sun’s glow every afternoon. With a cool one in one hand and your favorite other in the second it’s a really romantic way to end a July or August day. If you’re looking to add some music to that mix, one of Montauk’s biggest charter boats in on this actions, too. Docked at West Lake Marina the 55’ SUSIE E II 631-523-8862 has two cruises every Friday and Satur- day starting in July. The first is a happy hour cruise from 4:30-6:30pm with live music and tons of fun while the sunset cruises go from 6:30-8:30pm. Really popular last year in their inaugural season be sure to grab your seat for the show. Finally the VIKING FLEET 631-668-5700 offers two great ways to get out on the water in style on the beau- tiful, 50’ custom built wooden VIKING CLASSIC. Take a one-hour sail every Wednesday - Sundays at either 3 or 5 PM for just $20 adults and $10 kids 5-12. En- joy a longer sunset cruise those same days from 7:00- 8:30pm for $35 adults and $20 youngsters 5-12. With a full bar on deck have a cold cocktail and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in town.   SAILING Cutting through the water on a 24’ Pearson sloop makes for an exhilarating day on local waters. Since you may have left your sail boat at home know that SAIL MONTAUK 631-522-5183 have perfected the art of taking you under their wing and showing you the ropes. Literally, if you like. They not only offer relaxing day cruises they also offer private lessons and new this year, a great sailing school that will lead you to be mas- ter and commander of your own vessel one day soon. You’ll find them located at the Montauk Yacht Club.   BOAT RENTALS For three generations Montauk’s UIHLEIN’S 631- 668-3799 has specialized in renting boats of all sizes and complexities. It started with simple wooden skiffs, progressed to small runabouts and now their fleet in- cludes blue water cruisers up to 40 plus feet! Which- ever you choose you’ll leave harbor confident the craft below you is Coast Guard approved F&VvǒЧFVB6fR7F&RB&VƖ&Rf&Rf"&VB'FRW"FvVV"6V6BF( Bf&vWBFV v2V"WB62FW( 6VBRfǖr7&72FP&ƖR&BgW'FW"vW7BF&25T( 2c3Уs#ӓ#6FƗW2FV"6R2FR&vvW7@w&GvFR6W2WG7BFWBfVWBbvW&gVvW&&G2BW"F76&VBRbFV"琦bFR67BwV&B&fVB&G2FRF6'FRFvVV"6V6BbRFV6FRRfRFfRRFW'6VbrFW6VfVWBbFW WrBW6VB&G2Fࡲt2DP&&&ǒFR7BG&F2BW6FrvF6VR6vFW'26Ɩr2v2fVWB&fPFR&&fFR&66'FW"ǒR6RFvWBF2'W6FVvW&RDT$4c33sr3ffW'267BwV&B&fVB6F0B&G2FW6vVBFvfRR&&N( 2WRfWr`r6B6VB&6&&"BFRFF2N( 06fRgVVFG2bvW2BW&FVBWfW'Fg&FR7F"6B2FB7F&2fv^( 0&&"ࡲtRtD4pbRvBF6VR6RbGW&^( 27BvfЦ6VB7&VGW&W2FRfFrfW66FRdpdTUBc3ccSsf"6VBRbFV"Ч&RvF6r7'V6W26Ɩr7VF2BvVFW6F0#s^( &R66VB'wVFW2g&ЧFR5$U4Ē67F&W6V&6BVGV6F66WG`r6B2R6V&6FVvFW'2f"vW2F26VGW'FW2B6V&&G2w&VBW7W'6f FRvRf֖ǒ6VG2&RƖ֗FVB6&R7W&RF&6)j$B$TD0DŒtTTŐDŒ`4T4( 3~( GV66Rvƶ&VB6VFW"66RW&W72FV0gV627F&R'G2b66W76&W0WfW'FrRVVBf"6WFR&FrWW&V6PG&GV6pwwrFVƖfR6АFPUr#3Re$TTDФTŒ#FVƖfRCp