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MONTAUK SURFING By Stu Foley KEEPING IT SIMPLE W hen you own a surf shop the most frequently asked question is (besides where is the best local break) “what kind of board should I ride?” And since we carry over 200 boards my answer could be a dozen or more choices based on style, make, length all depending on the customer’s abilities, needs and budget. So what seems to be a simple question can have a very complicated answer. But you know what? Some- times the simplest solution is staring you right in the face. What most customers really need is a good, solid, easy to ride, durable board that can last them a couple of seasons without costing them a fortune. The exact kind of board we’ve been using for a decade in surf camp, the Odysea line! board one day, maybe an Odysea short board, mini- long or fun board. Maybe a premium Ricky Carrol or Laird SUP. Thing is, when you walk out of the shop with a Log or Plank under your arm I know you’re going to be doing exactly what I set this shop up for in the first place, to have fun surfing.   SURF CAMP One last word before we go. Surfing is a great sport and like most the sooner you start, the more likely you’ll excel. That’s one of the reasons I started our Air and Speed Surf Camp 19 years ago. Open to kids 7 and up these weekly sessions can turn your little grommet into a budding Kelly Slater right before your eyes! But with only 12-15 students per session and 6 total sessions, slot fill quickly. We start the first week of July so be sure to give us a call soon and we’ll nail down your boy or girl’s spot. When not surfing the Point you’ll find Stu Foley on the floor at his AIR AND SPPED SHOP (668- 0356) dispensing the word on local surfing and conditions. ■   OLD SCHOOL QUALITY Now I know what some of you may be thinking. Aren’t those kiddie boards for fooling around? Wrong! De- signed by real surf ers in California, made of durable ma- terials, available in over two dozen different styles these boards are great platforms for beginners or anyone who wants a dependable ride in most any conditions. The design is simple but effective. You start with a stiff, dual composite core with a triple wood stringer layout. On top a sheet of tough, super stable polyure- thane for a solid platform while the bottom is wrapped in nearly indestructible high density polyethylene. The result is a nearly indestructible board with tremendous float that makes it easy to paddle and maneuver, a great package for taming most any wave. The two I like the most are the Log and Plank series. Both are classic long board designs and come in 7, 8 and 9’ lengths. The Log is set-up with three fins while the Plank is pure old-school, single fin style. Want to hang ten like it’s 1967 again, this is your ticket to fun, fun, fun in the surfing sun my friend! And hey, so they won’t cost you an arm and a leg, that’s fine by me. Chances are you’ll want another rvice Full Se Yard s r Boat Charte e For Hir Darenberg’s Docka ge Availa ble for th 2018 S e eason MONTAUK MARINE BASIN NEW GAS DOCKS • TRANSIENT BOATS WELCOME • BAIT/TACKLE 426 West Lake Drive, Montauk NY, 11954 • Tel - 631-668-5900 • Fax - 631-668-5659 • HOME OF THE BEST CHARTER BOATS Half day and full day trips for fl uke, bass, tuna and sharks JULY 2018 | Montauk Life | 45