Montauk Life Montauk Life - July 2018 (5) - Page 34

SPOR TS & RECREATION T E N D E R T O T H E S TA R S W hen mega-yachts anchor off- shore they come equipped with smaller boats, tenders, than can bring their crew, passengers and supplies safely to shore. And when they want the very best they call WILLIAMS JET TEN- DERS. The most sophisticated and down- right fun, jet-powered water rockets these sporty, elegant small crafts are the staple of yacht builders Benetti, Ferretti, Jeanneau, Princess, Azimut, Oyster and more. Blending pure pleasure with practicality they make getting from ship-to-shore and back again a stylish mini-cruise. Equally capable of exploring local waters, going wakeboarding or water-skiing, hooking a bass off the Point or just enjoying time on the water they are proven, dependable, watercraft. And now you can buy or order them here in the Hamptons by visiting their new showroom, a block ܝوXZ[Y][Y\܋[Z[H^H]B\[[ۈ\^KYHۙH\[KLNKLLL͈ X] \[XHYHZ[\X\و[۝]Z[YH‘QTS KM L ܈H[^[ZYHYH][]H\H^H[X˂]\Y[^H[]Z]H]\[H[HH\˂STH[[Y\&\^H\\X܈HY[H[YHو[\˂[]\XH^H[PTSTӈSBԈST KMLN L]YXܛHY]HHRZ\ܝ^Hٙ\H[Yޙ[\K]X]\[܈\ޙ[[ ]X]\]܈\B\[ۘ[[X[[X[ۋHޞHX\H[ ]Z[K[۝H[X\ۘ[Y[X\\˜]Z[XH^x&\H\H[[HYY[K][[۝]ZH[YH]HZ[ݙ\B]܈X[]Y\]H[۝]Zۜ]H\ˈ\BSӕURӔST KL MM^H]BH[ޙ[\UH\܈Hܘ[H\H[Z[\‘X\[\ۋ[HXX܈Z[H^K]X\ۘ[Y[X\\]Z[XH^x&[[Y[Z\XۙYX\ݚY[H[\[\[[X\[B[Y[Y[ˈ^X^\[X[ۈ܈[Y\[][˂Y[H\H[܈H]\X[]HۈHX\[XYH\XYYH]]Y[[۝]Z[[XY[]\H ST KL LM ٙ\H[[Hوܘ[\ˈ\][HKXZ[H BH] H[\\ \][\HX[\˜X\KۘX\[HYوٙ\[ۘ[Z][š[[HZH[\\\[[\܈[K][H[\[\ۈX]Y] \[\[\ˈ\[\]\ˈ[܈]\[ۙK][\ۈX]Y] \Z\[ۈ\ݚYHH[Z][H[\[]\^\Y[HX\XH]\[ۙK]\XZ[\ۈ[\Hٙ\H[^Y[Y[H][\H܈[ݙ\وHܝY\\وYH܈][و^K[[\\۸&][Hٙ\H]B[Y\\]\\\H\8'\Mx'Hܘ[H[H[\[[\ˈH[]H\\[\[X[ܘ[\˂\X^\Y[H\۸&][Z]YY[ˈ[[Y\[\[\ۈX]Y]\H[X\Y[Y܋X[YY\ LM H\[\]YH[\][K\ܝ[\\ٙX\^\Y[\x&]H\YۙYH[[Y\][ܙH[[X[]H܈ܛ[[HY[[XY[K[][ܙH\]\][\ۜX]Y] H܈[ KL̍ L MŒM̈X[ X\[\ۋH LNLŒ[۝]ZYHSH NB˓[۝]ZYK