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SPOR TS & RECREATION I f there’s one common denominator that answers the question, “why head to the Hamptons for a summer stay” it is the tremendous opportunities we offer for seasonal sports and recreation. Whether it is a day at the beach, on the water, hiking or biking, bashing a tennis ball around or any of the many activities you find below there’s literally something for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.   BEACHES Surrounded by world-class bay and ocean stretches the East End is a beachcomber’s dream come true! The only fly in the suntan lotion? You have to carefully observe and obey the posted parking regulations on all local beaches or risk a stiff fine or expensive tow. As an example, Montauk’s DITCH PLAINS is by far the most popular surfing spot on the East End. But park there without a valid East Hampton Town Permit and you will be heavily fined and/or towed away! You will however find free parking in Montauk village at KIRK PARK located next to the IGA on the western end of Main Street and in the vil- lage itself along the side streets between Main Street and the ocean are largely free, too. Just be sure to check for any 2 hour limits before you hit the beach for the day. Need facilities to go with your beach day? Drive 4 miles west along the Old Montauk Highway to HITHER HILLS STATE PARK where you can park for $10 a day and enjoy access to play grounds, picnic areas, rest rooms and a convenience store. In Amagansett you can park Mon- days to Fridays for $20 at ATLANTIC AVENUE, located on Bluff Road just south of Main Street this Town lot has lifeguards, bathrooms, and a food truck. East Hampton’s MAIN BEACH is often regarded as the most beautiful ocean beach in the area this Village facility has lifeguards, bathrooms, showers, lockers and restaurant. Parking is available weekdays only for $25. Heading to Bridgehampton? You’ll find MECOX BEACH by heading south of the village where the Town provides lifeguards, bathrooms and food with a week‘s pass only $25. Located between East Hampton and Bridgehampton villages at the end of Sagg Main SAGG MAIN BEACH lifeguards and baths available Mondays - Fridays for $25 a day. Another contender for the most beautiful beach in the Hamptons is COOPERS BEACH. Located in the heart of Southampton Village this beautiful stretch offers lifeguards, baths and food with a weekly pass $40. Finally, if you like the bay you’ll love Sag Harbor’s LONG BEACH. This beautiful stretch is located off Noyac Road two miles west of the vil- lage and offers lifeguards and baths for $25 a weekly pass.   BEACH DRIVING With a ribbon of sand on almost all sides the Hamptons are ringed with ocean and bay beaches that beg to be explored. A tradition that goes back to the 1950’s when surplus Army jeeps became beach cruisers today there are vehicles fancy and plain that can put you in the drivers seat. But before you jump off the nearest parking lot onto the sand know two things. First, the beach is a tough place to drive and requires a proven SUV or truck tha B6FRBFBV2&VfW"vVVG&fRv6V&6W2FvWBBfW"FVW'WG2BVGb'6WvW"FVRWBbG&V&R66V6S7W&R'WB^( B&R7W'&6VBr琦V&6FVW6FG( 2&RFvVBfbFRvFFRƖRWbЦW'6V6b^( &Rrf"&V6G&fr7GR2vV2W"Цf&6RR6G&'FRfƷ2B6WFF( 0wwrFVƖfR6АdTEU$D%2c3#2ӃBFRBFV"6V7Fbfb&BW66Rg&gVǒ&W7F&V@c( 2'&62&W'2B66WG2FFbFRƖPB&fW'2BVW2FW( fRvB&FBvVPF&VvGfVGW&RR6fBW&RrFBRfRFRV2RVVBFRW&֗G2ॖR6( BG&fRFR&V6VFW"V7BF"6WFvFWBfƖB&V6G&fr7F6W"F66&RW.( 26ЧF7BFRT5BDDt4U$dd4Rc3У3#BCC2"4UDD4U$( 2c3#rSsCvrvFWBR&62fW'VgGfRג6Bfpg&VB6RFR6&Vf&RRRFRG&Vࡲ5U$dp66RRFF( BrFRV7BVB2VFRFR7W&bЦrFW7FF&R6FFVvW&RFF62GG&7G2FR7B67FBvfW2B7&vG2vV৖RfVVFRW&vRFv&VV&W"F&W7V7BW"VFW'2G'BF'VRfW"BvVW&VWFB6&6֖rB&Vf&RRBFR7VG2&R7W&RF7F'FV( 2&W6FVB&&BWW'G2B"@5TTBc3cc3Sb^( fBFVB7W&b6VG&7G&VWBvW&RFW6''FR'&G2RVVBFP66W76&W2R7&fRB7B'FFǒFRvЦVFvRFFRFRvBvWBFW"FBW2WFR666VRVgBW"vV"BS&&VFW( fRv@&VF&&G2BvWB7VG2FvWBRFFRvRgW'FW"vW7B^( fBFRg&VFǒfƷ2BtХ4UEB$T4B$R4c3#crc3#R&R6fVVB&W6W&6Rf"Fw27W&fr6FVB֖Gv&WGvVVFBfvRBV7BFFW6''&&G0f"6RBFǒ&VB2vV2ffW"W762w&W 6VV'&FrSBV'2b7VW"6FVFfFW"6VG'F6G&FF7VW"66FVBFVWr&R&VWFgV7&W27W'&VFVB'f'BBPG&FF7VW"66G&V6FV@FV否vW2B@G&FF7VW"66FVBFVWr&R&VWFgV7&W27W'&VFVB'f'BBRR&VWFgV7&W27W'&VFVB'f'BBPvW2B@6G&V6G&VvW2B@2RU 6W&6&VB7&727v7G'V7FVFVBfW&FV0DR&6WF&&6V&fVB6Wvv6W'B&GFr6vR666W"W&6&VB7&727v7G'V7FVFVBfW&FV0&6W'r6Vr6Ɩr7FBWFFR&&Fr&6WF&&6V&fVB6Wvv6W'B&GFr6vR666W"'G2b7&gG2G&W607V66w2&6WF&$%( 2gV&6V&r6Vr6Ɩr7F@WFFRWfVG2&&FrW&6&6W'&VB7&707v7G'V7FVFV@fW&FV2'G2b7&gG2G&W627V6WfVG26w2$%( 2gVfVB6Wvv6W'B&GFr6vR666W"&6W'r6Vr6Ɩr7FBWFFR&&Fr'G2b7&gG2G&W627V6WfVG26w2$%( 2gVc3cc#F"FF G&7'FFF"FF"G&7'FFFVv6WGBV7BFVv6WGBV7@F6VG&6Fv66G@F6VG&6Fv66G@'&FvVF&V2'&FvVF&V0c3cc#wwrFfFW&F66Уc3cc#wwrFfFW&F66ЧwwrFfFW&F66ФF"FF"G&7'FFFVv6WGBV7BF6VG&6Fv66GB'&FvVF&V0T5BTN( 2$tU5BDT2d4ĕEF"6W'G2#WFF"6W'G2"Ff&6W'G0ffW&r7VW"V&W'6V"bGVB&w&0&fFRbw&W7G'V7FVwVW0&Vv7FW rf"W 5TU"DT0$u$0f"G02bWR@c3S3rӃ"VB6V sRFV( 2R&Bv66G@TŒ#FVƖfR3