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SPIRITS ON THE EAST END W alk into any good restaurant or bar in this area and you’ll be greeted with choices of wine and alcohol from literally every corner of the world. But some, and I might say some of the very best, are home-grown. The foundation would have to be wine. For the past 40 years local vineyards on both the North and South Fork have been perfect- ing the art of growing varieties that take full advan- tage of the rich soils, prevailing winds and delicate weather that shape’s a wine’s quality and taste.   A FRESH FACE Launched just last year MONTAUK WINE CO. aims to develop products that reflect the cool, ca- sual but refined vibe of that most easterly Hampton. So far their two newest products are causing quite a summer stir. Using select grapes from the North Fork, Summer Rose is a refreshing blend of Syrah, Malbee and Merlot with a clean, easy-to-enjoy taste. Mon- tauk Great White is a marvelous mix of Viognier, Sau- vignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Riesling. Both feature whimsical labels from Montauk’s Peter Spacek, both come in limited editions, and both are available at many of the finest East End restaurants and retail stores. Perfect for a summer’s afternoon at the beach or a sunset toast in Manhattan, find your bottle while they last.   BEER HERE One of the fastest growing brand in the Metro-NYC area MONTAUK BEER CO. is a classic, all-American success story. Begun just five years ago with a single beer it has mushroomed into a true brand with six delicious and very different offerings. From their clas- sic Summer Ale to tart India Pale Ale and sweet Wa- termelon Session Ale they have something for every palate and event. Haven’t had one yet? Drop by their always busy Montauk tasting room and fill your hand. Located just a block north of Main Street they are open daily from noon - 8PM.   THE HARDER STUFF When it comes to harder spirits we also have a number of locally produced up-and-coming brands. One that’s caught fire is the apply named MONTAUK HARD LABEL WHISKEY series. Developed by a trio of red-blooded Montaukets this is a full-flavored pour, befitting a village that pulls few punches when it comes to having a good time. Started two years ago with a straight and Blueberry flavored style it quickly found its way into local bars, stores and cre- atively designed cocktails. This year they’ve added a new taste perfect for a summer’s enjoyment. Their peach flavored whiskey is sweet, pungent, easy to love and hard to put down no matter how you mix it! And now available in better stores, bars and res- taurants from Montauk to Manhattan you’ll find their wares most anywhere you go. Another that is finding an appreciative audience is SAGAPONACK VODKA. Newly launched it takes full advantage of one of our most abundant products, potatoes, to make award winning vodka. Now we all know the trend in premium vodkas lately has been the use of non-traditional ingredients like olives and grapes, but nothing makes a great vodka like a great potato. And the East End in general and Sagaponack in particular is famous for exactly that. Local farmer Dean Foster has put some of the al- most 300 acres he and his family have farmed for five generations to new use, growing potatoes and wheat for his premium vodka. Distilled in his new, state-of-the-art facility just north of Montauk High- way he and his team have turned out batches that have captured multiple awards in a very short time. This year they won double gold and a silver at the prestigious American Distilling Institute’s “Grain to Glass” event. Available in select local stores and restaurants this is a vodka worth asking for by name. Savor it on the rocks or in a custom cocktail it’s one strong local spirit you’ll want to take home and share with family and friends. ■ S earching for the best wine, beer and spirits? In Mon- tauk be sure to drop by MONTAUK BEER AND SODA 631-668-5400 just a block south of Main Street or find WHITE’S LIQUORS 631-668-2426 just around the corner on the Plaza. In Bridgehampton there’s no better source for expert adv XBۈ[H܈\][܈[UBTS [x&[[[H]\[[[YYܙH\H[x&[[H\H\[[]\B[\ ]Y[[[[BY\ˈ[Z[HۈHX\\[وXZ[Y][ KMLB ˂N[۝]ZYHSH NB˓[۝]ZYK