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LIFE'S GUIDE TO THE 2018 SEASON Doyle! Tales & Jazz” an evening of music, script and in- spiration. In the summer to come enjoy equally enthralling eve- nings with artists as diverse as Bruce Willis, Alec Bald- win, David Sedaris, and Sarah Koening as they explore aspects of the performing, visual and social arts. Add to that a series of live readings of works by Harold Pinter, Drama Desk Award winner Eugene Peck and up-and- coming Michael Marrero and the John Drew Theater‘s 2018 summer series is sure to be a sizzler as usual.   THE REAL MCCOY Enjoy great food, music and more at the Greek Festival July 12-15. There was a time when booze was illegal. Prohibition was a strange time for this country, a decade long dry spell that made most average Americans criminal for want of a drink. That was especially true here on the East End where landing illegal hooch was more popular, not to say lucrative, than landing fish! Those glory days of rum running are on display at the BRIDGEHAMPTON MUSEUM 631-537-1088 now through the end of July. Step inside and see how local captains worked with off-shore freighters to bring Cana- dian whiskey and Cuban rum ashore. Speaking of which, did you ever wonder where the term “the real McCoy” came from? Bill McCoy was the king of Atlantic rum running. And he prided himself on delivering the very best Y[B[YH\H[H\H^Z[X[YH[KB\YۈZXH[H\Y܈HX[ XKSHUTPVTӂ\۸&]ݙHHۙZ\XX[H[]Y\HH\Yۛ[[[H][[Yۈ]Y][ˈ\X\ۂ[H][[ܙH]\H[ۙ^H\X\ۈ]Y’\ܸ&\VHQUPUT KM̍KNML ]Y[[H [Y^H]XYHٙX[Y\ۋH\YۈH]HܛH]\\H\\]8'\\\'KۈH M]\XBݙ\XYH\^[\ۙK]X[8'HB؈x'H]Y\[\[ܙH[ۙ^\و[\B\XXZ^XZK\\\ ؘH۝H[8'[KB[۸&\X[H۞[\ˈX]܈\HۙHY˜\H[^\[ܙX][X[H\H۝XHٙXHYܙHH\H[KXZ[وY ZYX\[\۸&\RSS KL̍ M L[X]\H\\HوHZ]\]YHوH[\]\XX[وHܛ 8'Z]\X\\'H\H\Y\وۙK[ۋ[ۙH][[]X\\›وH[[Y[H]\H[H[X\]YK\]BHˑKZ][x&[X\HHXx&\[H[KBY\[\ۙܚ]\YH\ۋ\ܘY[H\\B\]YޘH[[ܙK[ݙ\HYو[H H H [H[[X]H[]H\ܛX[\[[\]ZH[HZ[B[\وXܙXZ[[\ܛZ[ˈ[][ٙH][\H]H]]HYH]H[ۙYZ]\\]H[H[H[Z]YY][ۈˈKZ][\[X\\Z]\TVHQUUԔQSUHUTSTшHSTӔ’SH H Ό B[^[ܙ[\H]]]YX[ܛ [HX\[[ZYH[ XZ[\[\\˜HXH[HXZHX]\]\HܚY\[\Hو^][ܚ\\[[ۙB'\8'x%HZYK{ HH[\ ][Z[]KX\ [] [[ HY]\ܝ\܈B][ܚ[Y\\ܘYYH\X]Y{ X[ۂۈ8']H]\'x%[ܛYYHH]BX\\YH\ H][ܚ[Y\\[\H]]ܜY[\™ܘX[\H[\ܚ][N^H ۘ][\][[[TRSUUԔQS’SH L[[ZX[܈\HYY\’SH NB[^HޚX\[[\BSH XYZ[ܙX[^H]\YX\NY^\ۙHۙ\[]UQT ۘ][Z\X[ [Z]\JJJNZ[]\[[Y\XH[HYHو[\UQTBHZ\HܙX]\ؘYΈ[K]VYHZYH\][[\ܛUQT MSSTSTTHPHSHPRB SKPTSTӋH˒ ԑ K̍ N NV K̍ ML[۝]ZYHSH NB]HYY[[\[[HUQT KX؜’]8&\[[]]NY[\\\[ۂHܛ8&\[Z[HYB˓[۝]ZYK