Monitoring from the Cloud: Monitis versus In-House Monitoring Software - Page 6

6 With Monitis, you€ll never have to 1.install a monitoring server 2.install a Nagios or similar system 3.install plug-ins and agents 4.spend days configuring the monitoring system 5.set up notifications via an external SMS provider 6.set up external access (to get access from home) 7.update and patch your monitoring software as you go 8.consolidate distributed monitoring 9.set up external monitoring settings 10.find the root cause of failure or poor performance analyzing data from multiples sources 11.manually compile SLA and performance reports for management and internal/external customers 12.compromise your firewalls With Monitis, you€ll make these things much faster 1.find the root cause of failure or poor performance 2.analyze performance bottlenecks and resource utilization problems 3.analyze current status and predictive actions (low resource) 4.ensure good user experiences and correct functionality The Proof is in the Pudding: A Very Satisfied Community of Users Is it our Cloud-based flexibility? Our all-in-one, integrated suite of tools? Our ease of set-up and use? Our price? Or simply that we understand what IT managers need? Whatever the churn ratehas the competition pulling their hair out. Whether it is Accenture, Barclays Capital, the Obama Campaign, Lenovo, Avis, BMW or any other of our over 50,000 (and exploding) user community, the world€s leading IT managers are switching to Monitis and inthe process saving themselves massive amounts of time. But if our clients own stories aren€t enough to convince you, maybe this willin 2009 The 451 Group voted Monitis as the Most Innovative Start-up of 2009  , and in April 2010 we were named as one the OnDemand 100 for 2010 a ranking by Morgan Stanley, KPMG, and AlwaysOn of the world€s top 100 private companies thatare taking old notions of data management, customer relationships, and infrastructure and forging solutions that will lead to industry shake-up and huge value creation opportunities