Monitoring from the Cloud: Monitis versus In-House Monitoring Software - Page 5

5 Third , since Monitis operates from the Cloud, the only thing that ever needs to be installed is a teeny tiny agent that sits behind your firewall (you never actually have to open your firewall). This means that you can be up and running on Monitis in a matter of minutes. In terms of getting up to speed using Monitis, given that everything we do is engineered to save IT managers massive amounts of time, we€ve designed our tools to be so incredibly intuitive, you€ll wonder why your old software-based tools were so darn complicated. Fourth , with Monitis, there are no updates to install. We repeat: there are no updates to install! While we probably have the fastestinnovation schedule in the business, we manage all updates on our servers in the Cloud. Never again do you have to endure a systems crash because the update of some rouge little tool decided it didn€t want to play with the rest of your universe. Finally , because you don€t need to buy servers for your monitoring, using Monitis has significant positive impact on the environment. With all the emphasis being placed on low- carbon approaches to IT, Monitis€ Cloud-based SaaS approach is truly an idea that is right for our times. Occasionally, some potential clients ask, ‚I love Monitis€ Cloud-based flexibility, but is a comprehensive solution really the way to go? Wouldn€t I be better served with a variety of tools from different suppliers?ƒ Our answer to that question is an emphatic, ‚No!ƒ Besides having best of breed tools across our entire suite, Monitis provides an all-in-one, integrated toolkit that monitors external, end-user experiences, as well as internal servers and networks. This results in: theability to quickly find the root-causes of problems, preventing complex problems from materializing by pro-actively monitoring all performance functions, and eliminating bottlenecks via analyzing past performance. More Than Talk: 16Ways Monitis SavesIT Managers Massive Amounts of Time When it comes to delivering the goods, the monitoring business (both the external, and particularly the internal monitoring market) is complex enough that it€s quite easy to throw up some smoke and mirrors and manage to create the perception that a given solution delivers more than it actually does. That€s not the Monitis way. With Monitis, what you see is what you getmassive amounts of time saved. That€s not always the case with our software-based competition. Here are some of the many ways that a switch to Monitis will save you massive amounts to time and energy: