Monitoring from the Cloud: Monitis versus In-House Monitoring Software - Page 3

3 From day one, Monitis transformed the market by being the first monitoring company to fully integrate systems, network, and website monitoringinto an all-in-one, comprehensive suite of tools that is available entirely from the Cloud. Monitis has a depth of enterprise functionality that meets or exceeds any of its software-based competition. But unlike the competition, because Monitis is 100% Cloud-based, IT managers are now free to monitor anything from anywhere, and are no longer stuck in the office. Turning the Industry on It€s Head: The Monitis Difference Monitis€ software-based competition usually offers a bit of this and a bit of that, requiring IT managers to cobble together a variety of software-based tools that hopefully play well together. But all of these different tools need to be purchased (for a not so small sum of greenbacks), installed (a process that can take weeks or evenmonths), and regularly updated (every IT manager€s worst nightmare). Monitis€ all-in-one, integrated suite of tools couldn€t be more different. First of all, Monitis is integratedyou don€t need to worry about how your tools play with others, because Monitis is built to house as much or as little as you need. Monitis€ fully customizable suites of tools includes: External Services Monitoring Tools € we€ve packed everything imaginable into a tool kit for monitoring websites, fileservers, mail servers, VoIP, and databases from the end-user€s point of view.